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RE: official PET thread

loves to swim, this morning the sheep trough was good, all four legs where in there.

RE: Good Bye Phil- (username - Detente)

R.I.P. Phil

sad flower

RE: age!

Belated happy birthday wishes, Darren

party cake happy birthday

RE: Heatwave!!!!

very hot here, also


RE: It depends

Especially with a sun tan

RE: One of our friends in hospital ....

Get well soon, Conrad


RE: Since It Is Still Cold Here.........

Pleased to hear you are settling in, enjoy your new life style



Have a great trip, and enjoy being with your family and friends there


RE: What should we do to Monsters like Robert Mugabe?

Yes, Ian Smith, he recently died. Now look at the state of the country. Their currency is revalued evry few months, the only wealth there is with Mugabe and his cronies, he had a birthday party earlier this year, lavish, lobster, champagne the whole works, and his countrymen are dying of malnutrition

RE: What should we do to Monsters like Robert Mugabe?

The old colonial rule as you call it, in Rhosesia, survived for a number of years with sanctions far stricter than those currently imposed, and fought a civil war at the same time, and continued with a viable economy., low unemployment, a good health system and nil starvation

RE: What should we do to Monsters like Robert Mugabe?

what absolute rubbish. before Mugabe took over, Rhodesia kept most of southern Africa in food, plus exporting, various minerals, now most of the people living there are unemployed, starvation is rife, the inflation rate in the millions of % the highest in the world., Before you go of half cocked, try living there, I have done so, under both the old colonial rule, and the later Mugabe rule.

RE: What should we do to Monsters like Robert Mugabe?

we have discussed this by private mail, yet you still stick to this. The sanctions are against Mugabe and his government, not against the people, medicine flows in freely. Mugabe often prevents distribution of this and food, and than blames this on sanctions, people are dying in their thousands of cholera and aids, but Mugabe denies either exists in Zimbabwe.

RE: OK tonight, Im hurting and need some love and hugs........

so sorry to hear that, Trish, today would be my wedding anniversary had he lived, so this time of year is not good for either of us

teddybear sad flower

RE: Multiple profiles......

there are two female profiles up, on living in New York city and one in Sydney, Australia, showing the same picture

RE: Conficker Virus will Shut Down CS....

not another April fool?


RE: Why do people feed the trolls?

Well said Trish !!

RE: Why do people feed the trolls?

Well said Trish !!

RE: How's your weather?

Hot and sunny, with very few hiccups, should stay that way now until November-ish

RE: Due to the great number of mean natured threads of all types....

Not only looking, but deliberatly provoking.

RE: How's your weather?

Hot and sunny, slight breeze


RE: Phoenix

A very happy birthday, M.

party happy birthday danceline

RE: CS Get-Together - ROME, ITALY - 3-5 April 2009

Is this the hotel you are staying at?


RE: How many things can we make with potatoes?

baked potato with a yummy topping

RE: CS Get-Together - ROME, ITALY - 3-5 April 2009

and me

RE: Happy Birthday Gozoman.........

Wishing you a very happy birthday, R

party happy birthday danceline drink pouring

RE: Are you interested in a friends page?

we have one, this is an old thread

RE: I just found out my grandma is dying!

thoughts and prayers are with all of you


RE: How's your weather?

hot and sunny again, but the clouds seem to building up on the horizon, inland, so it may change

RE: Say anyone....BE NICE.....

I hope you all have a wonderful time, and wish I could be there


RE: Say anyone....BE NICE.....

well said, but some do not realise that


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