RE: post your favorite XMAS song

Just a little funny song
Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer reindeer

RE: Smoker's

I quit smoking for 3 months, 4.5 months over the last couple of years and started again then quit and started again. Not too smart eh. frustrated I will quit again and hopefully soon.
A package of 25 regular length of Payers Filter Original costs from $17.00 to $19.15 (Canadian dollars) depending on were you make the purchase. There are other brands that cost less of course but the quality just isn't the same.
A bottle of beer 350ml drinking runs around $5.50 in most places. Not sure what a case of 12 or 18 might be at the liquor store since it has been a couple of years since I made a purchase.

RE: A Song That Tells A Good Story

One of many comes to mind, Elton John- Empty Garden.
Song with lyrics :

RE: What country would you like to visit while taking your two week vacation?

I just returned from my month long holiday in Almaty Kazakhstan. Didn't see it on your list and not surprised as they are a long way from anyplace in Europe and don't get a lot of tourists.
A great holiday and would go back in a blink of an eye. The dollar goes a long way there and the food is interesting and lots of different things to choose from. I did try eating horse meat (a favorite there) and found it to be fairly good. People on the most part are friendly enough. Safety was never a concern for me and didn't have any reason to be fearful.
Anyone else go to an out of the way place?

RE: What Are You

Sadly I see a few men and women wearing black socks with the sandals here in Canada. I would say something but think it would go over their head. confused

RE: Weather and visit

Same goes for Canadadancing dog

RE: What is your shoesize?

9 or 10 depending on the make
Very strange question confused
Happy Easter bunny

RE: Will you quit a job where your person+your work is not considered or even respect?

As a matter of fact I did quit a job where there was no respect or concern for myself and many others. I have never been happier then the day I walked out. Of course I gave my notice because you just don't want to burn the bridges behind you. You never know when you may meet someone from that place. The good Lord found me a position elsewhere that turned out to be 1000 times better. Not worth being stuck in a job that you hate just for the money. this is a good poll to be posted on here, thanks.


RE: do you sleep in a double or single bed...?

Sleeping single in a queen size bed. Just so you know there is no room for you if that's what you are thinking.laugh laugh laugh

RE: Is the Earth Flat?

That was well done on this video. By any chance you have done other videos on different subjects?
You should be a school teacher. thumbs up

RE: Is the Earth Flat?

Do not and I repeat DO NOT believe everything you see on the web.
Some say it is if you look at Saskatchewan Canada. laugh
In answer I just say no it isn't flat. Take a ride in an airplane and you can see the curve of the earth.
Also just llok up the International Space Station and you can see fantastic pictures.
If neither of these convince you well just go ahead and enyoy life on your flat earth.comfort

RE: About Your Province

PEI has lots to be proud of that's for sure. applause

RE: About Your Province

Hello, I am from Saskatchewan which is noted for:
1) Home to Fort Walsh, which served as headquarters for the North-West Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) from 1878 to 1892.
2)The first automated teller machine in Canada was developed by Saskatchewan credit unions in 1977
3)The federal riding of Prince Albert is the only constituency in Canada to have had three prime ministers represent it: Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1896), William Lyon Mackenzie King (1926-1945) and John Diefenbaker (1957-1963)
There are many more interesting thins about Saskatchewan... The Riders LOL

RE: Ghosting !

That is just outright cruel !
Have some respect for people's feelings even if you have none. Maybe you are just trying to get something stirred up and aren't really a coward after all.

RE: Are there real people out there???

Hey I could have fun pretending to be someone I am not. How do I sign up and get some of those hefty chqs? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I wish someone would plan something in CANADA

If no one is making plans to have a get together then this bring you a great opportunity to set something up. Who do people thank when they have a good time meeting new people? Who will meet everyone there? Think about it.

Why do women .....

To continue on here is an actual search from a profile:
I am a 50 yr-old woman seeking men, 42-52

Why do women .....

Hi, I have been looking at many profiles of ladies and find that they are looking for a much younger man. For example: woman's age is 58 looking for 48 to 56 man. another is woman's age is 48 looking for 36 to 49 man.
Being 62 I am starting to think I don't have a hope in H*ll.
Anyone know why this is?

RE: Where To Meet

You missed Saskatchewan , what's with that?

RE: why is it that nice guys always finish last?

What I have been told is the ladies like a "bad Boy". None of the ladies could tell me just what makes a "bad boy" thou. Apparently not stopping a a stop sign just isn't enough. laugh

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