RE: Jesus soon is coming

I come every night banana

RE: I'm leaveing CS and no one cares in this

Websites are actual things banana


You can probably get medication to help you with your paranoia.

RE: Crazy old cat ladies

A lady who keeps Crazy Old Cats - of course. That was obvious!!!!

RE: If you were sentenced to life in Prison ........

Possible because they can't behave themselves in a civilised manner!! banana

RE: Linux anyone?

I have used Linux for 13 years now and think it is far better than any version of Windows. I always remove Windows from any new computers I buy and install Linux. I now have a network of four computers running Xubuntu, Kubuntu, LinuxMint and Fedora. I hardly ever have any problems - far fewer than with Windows. Windows 8 is an abomination and I am not the only one to say that!!

I have taught several others to use Linux and they are very happy with it

RE: women is the best creation of Almighty God?

And God must surely be Almighty - since She created women in Her own image!!!! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Should you be able to feel your xiphoid process ?

The Xiphiod Process is a small piece of cartilage at the bottom of the sternum. If you are not too fat you can easily feel it. As you get older it tends to harden and sometimes curve outwards.

Look it up in Wikipedia.

If it breaks there can be complexities but not fatal

RE: Making it right with Christ

You badly need to learn how to spell - also please take your medication!!banana


Yes that is true. Check out this -

There is a thread here that shows some other chat rooms - more can be found through Google -

You can find hundreds of chat networks in IRC with thousands of chat rooms. Again, Google for more information.


RE: Login Troubles

I have used Firefox under Windows 7 (and previous versions) on a 64-bit computer for years and never had the problem you describe. I usually use Firefox under Ubuntu and, again, no problems.

I would suggest that somewhere you have an incorrect setting

RE: Do you think that the next pope will be the last?

Lets hope there will be no more popes.

It is time the entire establishment of cross-dressing kiddie fiddlers was disbanded. They have nothing at all to do with the teachings of Jesus

The world would be a better place!! And small children in every country would rejoice.

RE: Georgia Guidestones will be exactly 33 years old on 3-22-13

Some people DO need to get a life!!!!

RE: Is everything that occurs predetermined?

Jeez - that last post was so clever rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is everything that occurs predetermined?

If everything is predetermined then so is the existence of this thread and all posts here are predetermined. So it would seem pointless doing anything at all. frustrated It is all done beforehand without being done. Acausal causality!

So I shall not reply here - and even my intention not to reply is predetermined!! applause

That would prove that this post doesn't exist - and you are only imagining reading it - and that too is predetermined. banana

I won't wish you a good day because the kind of day you will experience is already predetermined and has nothing to do with my wishes.


Chatting as a Girl

I know this has been posted before but I think we all need to be reminded what scum is out there!

It would be funny except people do fall for scamming as the article shows.

Take care!! teddybear

RE: Unwanted emails

If they send me a message in CS mailbox then I reply giving them my email address as one that I have got from other scammers. banana

But then, I live on Devil's Mountain too. devil [On the other side, that is, so noone can see me]

RE: School Shooting in Connecticut '27 killed'

This tragedy has been covered extensively on the news. Do we have to rehash it here too?

RE: 35 days to Gods birthday Christmas

Not GOD's birthday - surely God is eternal, without beginning and without a birthday. Maybe in your ignorance you were referring to the birth of Jesus. The actual birthday of Jesus is calculated to be sometime in March 6BC - some say 4BC. Not that FACTS are going to get in the way of your blind beliefs.

Here in Australia Christmas, like all other holidays, just means an excuse to indulge in our favorite occupation - obsession with alcohol, drugs and violence. cheers barf

Is there any chance Jesus, God or anyone else will save us from ourselves?? angel Please!!

RE: God was right...


RE: ubuntu

It is not necessary to wipe your whole drive if you have Windows already installed. But the next steps are tricky. You can partition the hard drive so that you have one partition for Windows and then install Ubuntu in the new partition. When installed Ubuntu will set up a menu so that when you start the computer you can select Windows or Ubuntu from a menu.

For a beginner this is tricky - very tricky - and there is a risk of losing the Windows installation.

If you have an old computer and are interested in Linux then go ahead and play around.

I certainly agree with the above.

One important thing to remember is that all of us who are expert in Linux in its various forms now once had to start right at the beginning and learn by making mistakes. Go ahead and try it and follow the learning curve - it will get easier as you progress

Good Luck!!


RE: ubuntu

I have used Linux on PCs and laptops old and new and have not had any real problems. There are many very good support forums where you can get assistance if you need it


RE: ubuntu

I should add that Ubuntu is only one of many distributions of Linux. Many of the others are excellent - Linux Mint, Red Hat, fedora, openSUSE and others. There are also many starter manuals aroung to help the beginner. Use Google.

Look up "Ubuntu (philosophy)" in Wikipedia to get the meaning of the word.


RE: ubuntu

Ubuntu - and its derivatives Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Kubuntu - are distributions of Linux and are fantastic in my humble opinion. About 8% of the worlds computers use it. Almost all of the 500 supercomputers run Linux. It is very popular in Universities and colleges.

I have used them, mainly Xubuntu, on my network for over 12 years now. I have Windows on one computer only in case I need to connect to and work on clients computers by Remote Access.

Linux does need quite a bit of learning and is not really suitable for the "ordinary" user. But if you get into it there are many benefits. It is faster - a lot faster - than Windows. It is very secure and is almost impossible to get viruses, trojans, rootkits and the like so you don't need anti-virus software. (Windows is notorious for leaking like a sieve). This frees up resources and increases speed. All the time I have run Xubuntu I have not had any anti-virus software and have never had a virus.

And so on and on and on... I love Linux and can enthuse about it for hours!!! banana

Look up "Ubuntu (philosophy)" in Wikipedia to get the meaning of the word.


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