RE: Y E S ?

wave Glad the medication is working. thumbs up

RE: Who r u ?

Who rue?..... confused

RE: Looks or personality

wave Should have yer specs on,.......... that was the plumber fixing the drain.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What's happening socially in Canada?

........ yawn sleep ................................... tongue

RE: Swimming:- The best sport !

No don't!...laugh ........uh oh

RE: do i know more than you?

Not based on your thread topics, no.wave laugh

RE: Hi honey i'm home

rolling on the floor laughing Hell, I do that when I have an itch. (my mum hates it when I do that)

RE: Would you continue to date a guy with a small "package" ?

.... oops, did I read the context wrong?....conversing

RE: Would you continue to date a guy with a small "package" ?

wave " continue "........ how did the first time feel?grin If your lunch does not fall out randomly, I'd
say yes, go for it. wine

RE: What type for dog / 4 cats

wave The first line is very presumptuous, the rest,..... very enlightening.....uh oh

RE: What is your shoesize?

Size 11,........ and I wear extra small Y fronts.....laugh


rolling on the floor laughing Took the picture 1 second too soon.

RE: Dumb inventions

#53..... for mutants.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Ban the Poster Above You

Same here, and it has for years. " She has a lot of spunk "... only the no minds try to equate ejaculate
with many other words.

RE: Ban the Poster Above You

Nope won't ban her. (even though she can get on my wick) laugh tongue

RE: Any way which planet.....?

laugh Yet people were living in a collective in the present city of Damascus for 10,000 years.

RE: P A I N ?

You should know by now not to use logic. laugh


Couldn't care less about the narcissistic tosser.

RE: What is it like to be a bee?

Quite, and I picture you straddling a Cactus.tongue

RE: What is it like to be a bee?

wave I straddled a bed of nice flowers in my underwear, letting them rub against my inner thighs.
Now I I know what a Bee feels. The lady walking her dog called the Police.blues

RE: Game Night at Blogland this Friday!!

wave Use the opportunity to shave your bum.laugh

RE: The Forums type of person !

....... or go for a bowel movement.grin

RE: Men want sex

wave I doubt your fighting off that many....laugh ......... uh oh .........................super

RE: Does organic ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) really help lose weight?

Is it such a mystery? Burn off more energy than you take in, simple.

RE: Belief Structure ?

So an Atheist then.

RE: Belief Structure ?

wave What does non religious mean?, Atheist?, Agnostic?

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