RE: People can seem more racist as they get older, but it's not simply a case of 'being from a differ...

racism is born of ignorance and ignorance doesn't know any age.......wave

RE: Ruin Thanksgiving in four words

Me too and I haven't had a dry turkey yet...I was just trying to ruin thanksgiving......wave conversing laugh

RE: Ruin Thanksgiving in four words

the turkey is dry......thumbs down

RE: thread for nagging and complaining about your day

I woke up to a bill from the cable company instead of the check they owe me since I cancelled my cable on sept 17th....I was suppose to have my money in 8 weeks and have called them no less than 10 times to straighten this out and been lied to each time...mumbling mumbling mumbling

RE: should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?

you do you and I will do answer still stands.....tongue

RE: Is there a GOD???

No...there is energy that works in unison not a god up there at the controls......wave

RE: should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?

only if they don't want their heads squashed like a pumpkin......uh oh

RE: Are we F*ckwits?

yes...the answer is yes......cheering

f*ck everywhere.....cheering

RE: Say Anything

mumbling mumbling mumbling

when it takes you two months to cancel your cable and they send you another bill and not the check that it was suppose to be and you have to call them again only to hear the same bullshit and its the 10th time.....mumbling

RE: What you watch mostly?

This time of year its Christmas movies of the hallmark persuasion.......dancingsanta

RE: International men's Day Nov 19

Flowers for all the mens.....bouquet bouquet bouquet

RE: The end of civilization as we know it...

Im gonna start selling mars bars on the black market.....banana

RE: You're The Good Things

You're the wiggle in my walk.......dancing

RE: Happy Birthday Daniela777

Have a happy birthday Dan......happy birthday

RE: What do you say when someone you’re dating says, “I love you” but you’re not there yet?

the one being finger gunned so I guess all he can do is fall down cause he wouldn't be able to talk.....laugh

RE: Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..

they will im sure but they wont get here....right now because they are in a strike position they aren't allowed to work overtime....they are government employees negotiating their contract and they have even halted international mail into the country because they are so backed up.....wave

RE: You're The Good Things

You're my 11th puff of pot......teddybear

RE: Russians sink Norwegian Submarine Hunting Frigate ...

God damn ruskies all drunked up on vodka and let the ship steer itself....its highly likely......laugh

RE: How do you know when your pop tarts are toastie enough?

wait until you see smoke if you like them well done......wave

RE: What does the Earth really look like?

well if it was flat we wouldn't be able to stand up and would be left crawling in the dirt on our bellies.....dunno

RE: You're The Good Things

Youre the memory in I don't remember......blushing

RE: Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?

oh I definitely agree....there isn't just one thing that can resolve this...its a myriad of things....right from the time the shooter was a child and formed his ideas right up until he was an adult and picked up a gun to shoot dozens of people....the answers lye somewhere in there of what needs to or should be done them and find out the commonalities that led to this choice.....wave

RE: Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?

I understand exactly the power that a gun yes I am speaking from experience......I have immense respect for guns because I know what they can do....not so much for the people who use them to murder or massacre.......wave

RE: Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?

I have if you call an ar15 an assault rifle...the sole reason for that rifle existing in my profession was to kill escapees going over the wall......wave

RE: Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?

so then why have laws if people are always just going to break them?.....any law at all apparently they aren't necessary because law abiding citizens don't break them just criminals....dunno

RE: Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?

yeah I notice when too when people talk about drunk drivers on the road nobody talks about banning them...oh wait......confused

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