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RE: Why

and me i agree too,its a disgrace,hope to see you around weatherdthumbs up

RE: How do you...??

well working in catering,its like any other day,if im not working,eat out and let someone wait on me

RE: Normal and genuine

straightaway,i have no glasses on and cant see

RE: Normal and genuine

thats true, if you are a man or woman,its rare to find the first one striaghtaway,dating is harder, than when my parents were young and people met in dance halls,a better world

RE: Quote of the month...

now they rip you off and charge you for the pleasure

RE: Normal and genuine

romy,you are so right and travel is fun 2

RE: Love makes you healthier!¬

gussi you are funny and say what you mean,lolthumbs up

RE: If - Love is a

lovin the new profile picture,oh this is deep at this time of morning


omg what next,a crazy world

RE: Smee again garn *****

oh what a pair they were,i wont comment,too much eh,all the best to you dear and hope you find what you are looking for

RE: ------------ Dance

as always thats great cuspo

RE: Good morning Europe

good morning europe,oh no its afternoon now, hello all

RE: ladies

well its nice to know how others are going on,come on danbhoy

RE: The Mystery of Romantic Attraction

think it applied 40yrs ago,not anymore and nowadays especially on cs so many young men are looking for older women,this has suprised me

RE: ladies

like phoenix,i am nosey too

RE: "Springtime in Adelaide"

i love your writing

RE: ladies

all the best to youthumbs up

RE: Story behind my name

i remember the song sheena is a punk rocker,think it was the ramones

RE: Love in Bangor

well im sure there is,i have heard the people of wales are warm and friendly and i know there are some on this site

RE: Story behind my name

thats nice sommer,mines not imaginitive,just my own name and birth yr

RE: Happy Birthday Seabiscuit!

all the very bestbanana

RE: "Springtime in Adelaide"

i love these wordsapplause

RE: How gay are you.....

thank goodness for gay people,they make life more balanced and fun

RE: cracking up

lily from hampshire was a witty lady,do you know what happened to her zellarone?

RE: cracking up

nice to see a new face,posting,all the best leisure

RE: Monday 20th October...

many happy returns for tomorrowapplause

RE: E mail from God

thats a good one

RE: How seeking a relationship can be a form of escapism...

ive said it before,its when you are not looking for love,that it finds you

RE: a million whats in your dream

buy another house,always a good investment

RE: Hi to eveyone who chatted with me

hope all goes well for you

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