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RE: Should Margaret Thatcher be honoured with the State funeral as advocated by her lickspittles

i didnt agree with many of her policies,but wow what a strong,brave woman,think she could show todays rubbish a thing or two

RE: A day of love

one days better than none

RE: older/younger

i think nowadays young men prefer older women,they certainly do on this siteapplause

RE: What is your feeling on Suggar Daddies or Sugar Mamas?

what age gap does there have to be to be a sugar mama or daddy?

RE: Sex sex sex

its because people are not getting enough

RE: BAB Y P - Should the Director of Childrens srvices and all involved be sacked.

dont think there is anyway of ever getting justice, when you are dealing with social services and hospitals,when mistakes are made,they close ranks and people lie to save their skins

RE: Are men idiots?

oh not at all,idiots in both sexes,i must say

RE: mr brown..

the uk is in a state,maybe,but so is the rest of the world,believe me mike,there are worse places to live

RE: home-made bread

your recipes are great,enjoyed the bread and butter puddingapplause

RE: Why do people choose to have children?

i think alot of people have kids,because everyone else does and dont think about it enough beforehand,think also many peoples reasons for having children are often selfish ones.think also people just assume they can have kids,at any time in their life and dont realise that for both men and women,fertility drops,after as young as 35

RE: anyone from harlow

i used to work with a girl from essex and have visited her there.people are friendly and welcoming, they are nothing like the jokes said about them,been to harlow,brentwood,dagenham,barking,romford,all really nice placesthumbs up

RE: All I want for Christmas is….

elley,so sorry to hear about your family member

RE: mr brown..

they are the same all over the world and from what i understand from my travels, most other countries envy the political system in the uk.speaking as an italian,our own system is one of the most corrupt in the world,our politicians make british politicians look like saints

RE: What are you doing right now..?

waiting to go to work

RE: Thought of the day

so true,you never know what you will get in life

RE: Good afternoon euro peeps thread..

hello allwave

RE: Good morning folks/good afternoon..

nice new picture phoenixthumbs up

RE: Dear ladies what do you prefer...

i second the lady above me, you have gone to alot of trouble with this phoenix

RE: traditional views

used to not really anymore,in this world it seems too difficult

RE: Blighty

people certainly do need a reason to be alive and i fancy chocolate too

RE: foot fethish,toes,foot jobs

you wicked man,im not sure what my fiancee would have to say about thatlaugh

RE: I am sad...

sad to hear of your loss. i think what smoky says is wonderful,we have all seen our animals looking at something we cant seebouquet

what do you wear around your neck?

me,a small crosswave

RE: foot fethish,toes,foot jobs

well mike, i am speechless, best offer i have had all yearapplause

RE: Somebody told me...............

now i know happy birthday, jackoapplause

RE: foot fethish,toes,foot jobs

nail polish put on for me,its easier than bending down myself

RE: Somebody told me...............

im missing something,who is jacko?


so true,i agree and so nice to post thisapplause

RE: Hi

i too send you a warm welcome

RE: To WO Stew (SIR) and other PI%% takers

ha ha i had better stop a** uming then

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