RE: The friend of my enemy is a priori my enemy.

Yes. Always more options. If there are only two options given that means there is always a third hidden somewhere. The trick is not to find the third option but to question why only two options were given in the first place.

I just Have to share this.

Yeah but don't them spoil it for you. It sounds like you dodged a bullet. Maybe he actually did you a favor?
they say we only live once. Sometimes we should always be a little selfish and think about what is good for me for a change.
Not all the time, but just as a special treat. It brightens up the body as well as the soul.
Thanks Gigi

Did you hear the one about the longest Court Case in legal history?

Never read it. But maybe. Thanks.

I wrote this long ago. I thought it most apt.

I was born with a collar of blue

My father was in transition from blue to white when I was born

His was an arduous task; long and difficult for one not trained at University Level

I lost my collar

This time I did not even know it was there

Hidden in plain sight and all that

Sort of always knew; in the back of my mind

Always socialised with fellow blue collars

Introduced myself as blue collar when that sort of thing arose at BBQs

Was looked down upon by white collars

That should have been my first clue; maybe it was

I wonder if they truly know?

Very few whom I have ever met are on the same level as one or two, too whom I have spoken

And their skill was Human Control and Herding

I met one who I thought might have made a better than good Medical Practitioner

He tried to help me find my collar in preparation for a new leash holder

The thing about collars born into is after you lose them, if you don’t know it is gone; no one else notices either

Few understand that two collars can be exactly the same and yet markedly different and not just by their colour

Or that the locking and holding mechanism of the white differs to blue

After batal training enters the second tier the training shifts

To reach third tier twice it seems twice you must survive

Two times twice or two sets of twins, as it were

I wonder if those who appeared second knew of the former failures?

I wonder if those who appeared after them remain alive?

More likely most of the minions now are just mere shadows of their former glory

After you lose your collar, always does batal hardening begin

First promotion is Batal
Second promotion is BataL
Third promotion is BaTaL
Forth promotion is M

I once was known by some and those who knew me BaTaLM

BaTaL Bot is the beginning of a new tier

I am BaTaL MaeL of the BATALM BOTS BotalioN

Infer from that tier what you will


B4 one tell me.

April 24, 1998 the world was changed just a little; perhaps by the smallest of amounts. Besides me only one knew and her name was LyyXia and I wasn’t ever certain if she ever truly knew.
It is now December 8, 2015; the first day after the end of the change; that placed in effect by of all people me. After my decision I knew the war was coming; I just didn’t know how or how I would be involved, if at all. The story I later sent off for publishing did not contain dire warning of change required; the change had been implemented. It contained terms of surrender and a boundary of containment. The warning was personally delivered some time in June 1947 and it was taken as an act of war. That is when it all started unravelling for those upon this World.
That story was the only one I got published; that story brought me to their attention. Those who know the truth from and upon that, my story had been based, at that point knew more of the matter than did I. I was simply the messenger. And the messenger is always protected because the messenger is always the first killed as retribution and to show displeasure with the terms of surrender. I was simply such a messenger. I chose to take the attacks both prior message delivery completion and those after message completion personally; after all I was not requesting you surrender but that you be made aware the limits of your garbage pile may only reach as far and no further than the Fifth Ring of Containment. As you were at best only having ever stepped upon Earth’s own Satellite I felt this gave those of this World long enough time to wake up. Either way, no restrictions beyond space limit expansion were ever implemented; including weaponry construction and advancement and Human Resource control. Even I was not off limits; but I was messenger at that time in place, for Parri; they of the Skein, and Insect owner of the only separate Living World in this Solar System; Gor. W.

Think of the Central Core 'like' a Main Frame, and Computers appear, think of it like...

Although... that line works in the opposing manner, first is last, last there is definitely not first in line, just last to arrive at line where everyone got tired of waiting and either went home or crashed on the World after circling fuel ran out.
Sure way into Kii.
Not for the faint of heart. More so now. Entrance Blocked. All new comers turned away. Choose to come back (here) on own accord or return at Dealer's Choice?
Each may or may not get 3 - 5 minutes to decide. (At moment of decision, not now silly!!!) I went dealer's choice this life.
After saying You Man. Cha very accommodating that way.
Ooops, faux par, Now Greay at Entrance / Turn around Station. W.

Think of the Central Core 'like' a Main Frame, and Computers appear, think of it like...

The good people of DoBaT, given your track record it might occur to some one some where, that it might be noice to bag a WiZiD Grade Player.
And you think you are first on that list?
Get real.
The next highest above you came from our closest Neighbour.
Think of your version of me There. Then you might be first in that line. W.

Think of the Central Core 'like' a Main Frame, and Computers appear, think of it like...

an outlet socket in search of any intelligent voice back.
Seti, in reverse.
The first thought the thought in their head must be that is of a God. They themselves can't think those thoughts. Never got taught words like them.
Cha had arrived.
All They needed at that point was a life to live.
As far as humans know, or don't know, each near life extinction event occurred at the Intellectual height of one particular species. To see how high it might rise before it or a distant species works out how it can be destroyed to make way for the next experiment.
We are known here abouts as CottHaar, HaarCott. We Play. Currently we are Playing Greay species while Greay subspecies Plays each and every one of you; one on one, although one to Greay is Three, Male / Female / Hermi.
So you need two more to make it even. Just saying. And good luck. Greay never Play until GaiiM has been Won. Ensures a win every time. For some one. Greays are not ungracious losers.

I would Imagine... W.

Litil flaws to the stage.

Your mother's suggestion is use as much of her 1,000 year allocation as is desired and required. She says you are Playing a Win against Open Call. Is that True?
You are so going down. No really. It is gonna be so good to watch.
Parri Skien Really? Is She using Greay Tech or Parri Skien Tach?
You owe Parri Skien and Greays? You do remember what happened the last time? Don't you?
Your Play, who am I to say it won't work. You wouldn't wager Win unless you have already won.
Don't Play a Player.
Did you believe me daddy?
I'm shaking in my boot but not from cold.
Hot Pursuit. Had to be one of the two and why would You lie to me? W.

Litil flaws to the stage.

Litil flaws to the stage. Yes Litil. Do not let it go to your head. You already leave me scratching my thoughts.
Sure daddy... I know misdirection when I see it, even when it is as sincere as your’s. L just means you have set me a Play and the Play involves attaining the Promotion.
Do not con a conner, play a Player, mess with me. Dad or not, Mum says you are going down. Not sure if it is after her or before her, you know how secretive she is?
Litil flaws to the Staging areana Please.
Your Chariot awaits. Your mother may have already departed. TyyM Speed trials?
Play. W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

Should say... something, had it a second ago. My fault, went off on an imaginary tangent.
Now what was it? Something to do with little floors. Remember our your decision to Step sideways from Caste Creation (Dirt nearest equivalent, Engineer / Designer / Theoretical Collector, and so on. Just reminding you babe.)
I've got my own thing going, nothing to do and all day to do it in.
Now what was it????
Something about litil flaws and LyyXia. Oh she went Ttam Interface. I thought Buddy might like the Role? The offer is there.
I am not sure she understands Buddy is also True sibling and likewise has RiiT to call gift ball.
I too am curious to witness their combined Play. Wager?
Before 1,000 years or more? Together we witness it unfold.
Deal. May I make my selection later?
Certainly, you have up to 1,000 years to make up your mind.
At 1,000 years, I win.
You wager a 'Win' Play?
Against what?
Any option you like.
All options, including Win?
It's a trap.
Its a wager then?
Who gets first ride? You or me?
Then it is a bet then?
Sure. Why not. We have an Accord. W

Two Bull Ants

Two Bull Ants were arguing. One Bull Ant says to the other, oh nice bring in the big guns why don't you?
The second looks back over his shoulder and sees a giant creature just sitting there looking down. He turns back saying “why do you think I brought him here?
“Because he's standing over your shoulder.”
“That means I’m surrounded. At least you'll have a chance to run if It attacks.”
“What would be the point of running?” So then they started arguing over which one the giant was going to kill first. Suddenly the giant stood up and walked away.
“Hey!” yells one, “where do you think you're going? Tell us what you were doing.” The giant looks back and says, I was just curious to learn what the argument was about. Please continue. Then the giant sauntered off with the two bull ants yelling at him to come back. Both Bull Ants then took off in pursuit. “Hurry up he's getting away!”
“No! you hurry up!”

Love hate and with justa touch of VESA

Oh, my God Monkey Balls. you are not going to believe this. I am so glad I never took this TV back. It just finished the Software / Firmware Upgrade. I went from about 40 free to air channels to Thousands of online channels. So many I have no idea. The highest is 9,000 something and the one below that is 8,600 something and then it is almost one at a time.
This TV just blew my mind, and it only cost about $700 Au. That's like $400 US.
Boom! My mind is blown. W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

While it is fresh in my mind, Wildcards have their own task Set in which each must Met, together but each separately.
This Play will run concurrent.
PliPlii to PleePle / PliiPli two PlePlee Too, Whole one percenters.
It's a Greay thing. You man might not get it. Not worth me even attempting to explain. It would just come across as Jibber Jabber.
Sorry just thinking ahead. Carry on. W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

LyyXia, LF4, Ttam Interface update

Hey, little floors, Ttam interface iLLi Priime City to CyyRu. You do remember what happened last time?
Don't you?
Or is this your way of Re-Play?
Can't say I understand but Structure states, True sibling calls that gift ball. I called in Bock if you do not mind. Bock the Bukler not his Shadow, although I suspect his Shadow is already here. He may have even arrived with me and TNaa, and the rest Two, along with the Rest Two, and for spice, the Other Two. (Wildcards).
I know he doesn't have any Sea legs yet, but we both know he grows them. Food for thought. Either way, Bock is about the place.
And I am happy with Ttam interface. I mean, you have to look at him, not me. W.

Once Upon a TiiM

the World was a different place. Was in a different place.
The World was surrounded by Guards.
This is an escape but please, I wish to thank each and everyone who tried to stop me and free this World from the Cha.
Your assistance in this will not go unforgotten or bee too long left unrewarded.
Or, the son's of Donkey Mules left ahead of us and we are in hot Pursuit; They are in Cold.
Cold Pursuit but Backwards. We're going forwards. We do not ever expect to overtake them as we are each heading in alternate directions.
We will however pass them just prior to Re-Entry into a different location in this same Galaxy.
This time we made out like bandits.
Do you know how valuable this Solar System is?
Besides, It is the only Cha free, non Cha owned Solar System, in this entire Galaxy except maybe 3 separatists, who by the way, btw, may or may not be celebrating, although I am certain many are having a blast...
Closing out sale.
Cashing up and living the good life?
Soon there might be no need for the Shelters and the Stock Storage.
Or, it will be fully utilized, although quite foolishly. 25 to life in a Bunker, even a luxurious Bunker, is still an underground Bunker.
That's the thing thinking Super Hero here to save the World, I don't Own the World. As only humans parcel it up and demand financial exchange, only humans can truly be said to Own aspects of This World, Dirt to Core, often like great big Pyramid shape if start with Square or Rectangle. Old Knowledge.
But that fact alone does not make it so. Just about every single other animal and insect was here long before Human. Being able to destroy something does not make it your property. Or charging cash for the privilege of being born on it.
It makes you insane.
I do not Own this World. I do however Own Kii legally in the eyes of ET. Think of it this way, I am taking my Property Home with me because that is where this Entire Solar System is headed. Bringing an infestation on this World along for the Journey, well you should say thankyou. We could have jettisoned you with the Steadfast Cha.
So They're almost definitely chasing us.
We should over take them also shortly before arriving at our intended destination in approximately 25 Million Years. My thanks and thanks for flying CottHaar Solar System relocations and please, have a nioce day. And a Pleasant life. W.

Have you heard this?

So far only voiced by, well I watched a clip where D Trump, the USA, while The Prez, stated the dire need for a World Defense Force to be set up and funded. Other Countries are probably on the same page or a page or two in.
Why? So any who might find us and think to invade can do so without the impediment of having to bring their own weapons of mass destruction? That seems down right Neighborly of us, don’t you think?
They even might say thanks you mens and wo mens, humans have saved them so much time and resources. Better if War is to happen, to use enemy's own efforst against them. Efforts also. Plus their everything. Loose War, no biggy. Loose Planet, not Their Planet (Invader); its ours, you mans and wo mens, only reasonable to let you mans and wo mans destroy their property. So each can finally understand Loss? Or… So that someone somewhere can step in and rebuild it, as a cost. Or… because we of the Mass Destruction Team want to destroy everything. Or God said so?
Or… Or…. Or?
But what do I know? I'm kept in the dark and fed bs.
Just like most. W.

Now for something of mixed interpretations and outlooks. The Hermi.

Sometimes i think it might be nice to be someone, somewhere, with his own loyal drones but then I think, that has already been done to death; Loyal Drones with Natural Intelligence, would be my counter, if War we were at. W

Now for something of mixed interpretations and outlooks. The Hermi.

Does a stable strain of Hermi (variation) currently exist on this Planet or have growers wiped it out, genetically weeded it out, evolved the Cannabis plant almost exclusively to Female?
I heard a young girl who was my friend say that if she had Cannabis plants and one came up male she would pull it up immediately. I assumed it was because many flatly refuse to smoke leaf, A and the buzz is much weaker and somewhat different. As I see it, medicine is rarely, if ever, nice to the taste, was I mean, back when I was growing up.
That doesn't mean everything that tastes like crap is good for you or in some way medicinal.
Maybe Cannabis is and maybe it is not? No one in the Medical Profession, or maybe just the rare few, are testing its Qualities to find out.
The Hermi is for me a myth. I read growers and cross breeders worked hard to remove the Hermi from the Cannabis gene pool, claiming the strain was not stable if it produced a mixed gender plant.
Cannabis is one plant I know is Gender Specific, with three specific higher strains, M / F / H. There may be more plants gender similar, probably is more, I am not a Botanist.
Much of the World, even with recently laxed regulations wants this plant wiped out, as if we have the right to completely remove it entirely from this Eco System; a Plant that has evolved to be both Medicinal and Enjoyable, with far less physical side effects that Tabacco, still fully legal if not also heavily regulated, because of its Medicinal protocols. If it killed people, people would have stopped smoking it hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.
Why so zealous over one of God's Plants? It was here long before us. What gives us the right to wipe it out?
Because it has medicinal properties that "someone, somewhere, with a lot of loyal drones" have decided is not for us, and not them or them excluded from their own dictates. It is Fully Legal in our National Capital Territory but punishable outside that non State.
Not sure my point. Maybe it would be nice if it was not always about Them, what our leaders and law abider's want at our expense. W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

Plus on the Re-Match Mr and Mrs ET, Tag TNaa.
Her turn. Me, her / her, me. Part of our deal is, I get to see it start.
How do i know it always happens that way? It doesn't start unless I am there to watch it begin.
That's how. W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

Although, It would not become my Play unless I somehow managed to wind yours down. Just so we each know where each is standing. Unless you (Mr ET?)(?) consider it just an eerie coincidence. Which it is, probably. You know how RiiT Knowledge works, right? Or am I too, to be held accountable for your lack in understanding and my unfortunate comprehension? Wouldn't RiiT account for that? Or do you decide what RiiT Knowledge is?
Okay, that works well for me. You may go right ahead. What attributes does RiiT Knowledge have? Let me see... W.

Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s

when it is my turn to lob a Return.

You get Re-match and I get Re-Match. It is how I separate the two in my mind.
How do you?
Or do you accept only your way, your way, your way, where I never get to Play? My Play.
Not your Play as my Play. My Play as my Play. Tit for tat. Two sides to every coin. Two halves for every Play. A Play one of three, two, no need for a third.
The GaiiM has always been Played that way.
Surely I cannot be held accountable for what you do or do not understand. I understand it completely. I can even sometimes see your side; your point of view, the angle of your approach.
Unfortunately, I have Other commitments and am currently mid Re-GaiiM Set, so whatever happens now must, by the very Nature and Structure of Play, be personally orchestrated at some point in the near future by whoever accepts the Mantel of Met achievement, afterwards known as Met Achievement indicating attempt number has passed beyond one.
So, dear ET, I must decline your most gracious attempt at Re-match and perhaps pick it up again upon the conclusion of my current Play. Yours regrettably, only because you are more powerful and betterer than me, until the next round, W.

Copy(written) for the Daily Bugle

We of the Water Management Board here where I live, have acquiesced to the suggested proposal should severe flood waters ever again be heading across the Border, the maximum allowed (suggested maybe 20gl per day) outflow of the large Central Lakes will be Authorized entered that preflood water into the down stream water supply for the maximum amount of time prior to said Flood Waters reaching the Lake's run off Run in channel.
As a suggested understanding of how this might work in any future top end Floods ending up in the Murray Water Supply System, perhaps 20gl per day until equal flow is passing the Run off Run in Channel?
If this time is comparable to the Flood that in the past 12 months just passed, 30 days at 20gl would have removed 600gl. More if there is like there was this time, maybe 45. But lets work on 30 days. I started moving my gear out early November. The water never reached my elevated floor until Xmas Day. I was in emergency accommodation gratefully accepted on December 20.
The Flood Peak, taken as a single elevated wave trekked at two weeks, opposite sides of this appeared much like a gentle slope, taken visually in computer elevation monitoring. I know, I spent weeks watching the water level rise.
If just redirected for the duration of the Peak two weeks, what's 600 divided by 14, 40? ish.
That alone would have lowered the downstream flow by 400 mmm, at the Lake's outflow. Just during the two weeks peak.
Naturally, after that it is left solely to the Flood plains across and into the lower State. And Council workers, and home and property owners, if you have one smoke one. Yours anonymously, W.

Can you ever forgive me?

I woke up this morning feeling terrible. I’d besmirched an Icon.
For this I am deeply regretful.
Really really. Truly truly.
It was insensitive of me to suggest, in a round about way, that He whom every trumpet blowing Red Blooded Male dreams to be and a lot of Red Blooded Gals want to be with, doesn’t need our financial support. I know I haven’t done enough to assist He whose name in many locations is adorned with 24C Gold trim. My complete lack of desire to fund His journey to Monopoly’s greatest treasure, the Bottomless get out of Goal / Jail / Prison / Poverty card is and was up to this point immeasurably insensitive on my part.
All Billionaires need our financial support so that each and every one can achieve Their Life’s Goals.
I’m sorry. Deeply, deeply sorry. I have decided to go without my meds and some food for one whole month just so I can donate those few dollars to what must be a monumental financial burden on His supporters.
Mr. Trump, my check is in the mail as we speak.
Live long and Prosper (if you get out of the corner your Lawyers have painted you into) and never be forced through your own ambitions to dip into your 6 or so Billion Dollars. That's 6,000 Million Dollars for those who just see words and not numbers. From here on I commit to give you as much of my $1,000 per month income to support your supporters financial burden. W.

Did you hear the one about the longest Court Case in legal history?

It started around the late 1700's 1795ish and concluded early 1900's 1914ish.
It was over an Estate worth, then, in the millions, so they said but it is hard to say. Producers do a comparative to real time terms to make it sound a lot more than it was, real time purchase power are the words i was looking for. And it was years ago when I saw it on (maybe) Ripley's.
But it was a boat load of money and disposable property.
What happened was he prepared a Will with a Lawyer and the story goes, the night before he was set to sign it and make it all legal and proper, he up and died.
Well, everybody with a claim and probably several who did not, all brought cases to prove their claim held more validity.
A little over 100 years later all claims ceased. The Estate was broke. It went in Legal fees. W.

I just Have to share this.

About a week ago my Inbox here read Mail (1).
This person, she, started with hello, my name is “whatever” could say it but am not, I am a sweet girl Muslim and want to be your friend.

I read her profile, as only a fool would not, thus giving me an insight into the nature of the person who claimed ownership of that particular profile.
English was not that person’s first language and almost definitely not written language.
I replied after considering not replying at all and just deleting the email.
But I decided to reply. She, and I had no reason to accept the person who wrote the email was not a she, had been brave enough to contact me politely and so I thought I would reply in kind, also as politely as my manners would allow me while still putting my point across as politically correct as I could.
I opened with, I read your profile. That’s messed up dude. I then said something about us not being on the same page, no wave length, that’s what I said, wave length. And then I wished her luck finding someone who was.
The reply was within the hour, perhaps within 15 minutes. I’d only just sent it and was doing a bit of comment worthy searching reading.
Well, the reply was not polite nor from a sweet Muslim girl of 38, or something like that. I had not thought it possible to place a rant in writing but this person had.
I tried to reply but they, he, or she had blocked my emails. So I blocked them and went back to reading other people’s blogs. W.

One person’s perception is not necessarily a different person’s reality.

In accordance with linear time, A very long time ago, I decided to alter my outlook and internal perception of reality.
In short, after living my entire life to that moment, over 38 years surrounded by religion and people who accepted some form of religion on a floating scale from one to ten, I attempted to comprehend a reality without religion while living emersed in a social system religion embedded.
I know what some might already be getting ready to argue me on, what about non believers, agnostics and atheists? All of them base their beliefs on religion even if they do not accept any one faith in particular.
What I did, is not as easy as it might sound, if it is done properly. Let me explain.
Religious concepts exist in everyday speech, in sayings, in paintings, in stories; basically, it is very deeply entrenched even in non religiously lived lives.
Not that my goal was to see it gone from society. And considered from that perspective, deeply entrenched and somehow removed.
For me that would not do it. I wanted to imagine a society in which religion never ever existed; a society that grew without an unknown, here are the attributes we assign to, all powerful Higher Power.
The first thing that this meant was I had to imagine an entirely different social structure, for is not the concept of a President, a Prime Minister, a Despot Dictator, a Pharoah, a Pope, not merely an Earthly physical manifestation / representation / emulation of This Highest Power? Where imitation is the highest form of flattery?
A social system without a Higher Power concept would not build a social system based upon a Higher Power concept; as far as I can determine it anyway.
So set about, I did, to determine an alternate, if alternate could exist, and did.
Although, I must admit, am the first to admit, I did not expect to come to grips with one as intricate and complete. Or how such a concept would shift my thought process and literally change it.
It is so strange, it is something like looking at reality through two lenses, but not knowing if either represents true reality.
It’s a curious state of being. W.

Time shutdown, life: 2023, Soon I can write 2024... Yeh.!?

3 minutes away, in some US States. W, now one...

I've sent away many who I have thought of as friend.

Not sure why.
Not sure the truth why.
The last one was, for my friend, a relief. I think. I'd been going to his and his wife's place for years. We met when I began working for him way back in 1984 (ish), 83 / 84 too far back to try and put an exact date on it.
The Xmas before Covid, 2019, i got sick. Bad sick. Even for me. It was something like the Flu but worse than I had ever experienced in my life. It tried to shut off my heart, which I thought a little rude, if this Virus wanted to live on in me.
And then just now I thought that maybe that is / was in its design. A lot of people died. A lot got better. Starting a few months later.
I was never diagnosed with either the flu or Covid, or any other type of Viral infection simply because I was too sick to get to a doctor and I would rather have died than held alive through artificial means. Besides, I know my body. Been living in it now for just over 63 years, but what i used then, i learned, self taught sort of, starting at age 4 months, the very first time i banged my hand on something hard. That evolved into coming off my bike at 10 when I skidded around a corner because of some loose gravel, to later suffering through all kinds of childhood sicknesses each and every kid gets in order for the immunization system, built into each of us, to come up to speed.
I know my internal repair system because i monitor it. A cut or a scratch appears and I treat it and watch it.
Wow, I just re-read the title, did I get off track thanks to that Virus.
Thinking it was the flu and having never been bed ridden ever by any sickness, i accepted I should be well enough for Xmas by more than a week.
At the mid end of November I attended this friend's 70th birthday party. Two weeks later to the day I started showing the first signs of the flu. As per I started taking paracetamol. I can take asperin to the same effect but like many i get nose bleeds if i take too many over a 24 - 48 hour period. Closer to 24 than 48 but never later. Anyway... I left it to the last minute (based on my friend's wife grocery shop for Xmas day for so many people. I was three meals because we would get on the drink and I would sleep the night there and go home after breakfast.
I rang my friend and told him I was sick with the flu, no one had even heard Covid or what they first called it to start with, same as that beer. I think Xmas day was a Wednesday in 2019 and I figured my mate's wife wouldn't buy the meats until Monday or Tuesday, so I called Saturday or Friday and told them to count me out. I was sick and I did not want them to get what I had. It had ripped me to pieces and both of them were older than me. So I quarantined myself. I never left the house, after a forced drive into town to do one last shop.
The following year he rang me and told me he and his wife were not doing Xmas and my visit to them was off. I was uninvited. I acted out, like a child who understood the friendship was over and not by there own doing when there had been more than reason enough to end it along the way.
Long story short, he and wife and their youngest son, number blocked me on their phones, which, i did not know before they had, it removes them from my contact list in my phone.
I never really know why I do the things I do, things I can't help myself from doing, as if they are or had been somehow programed into my life to live out the consequences but my friend knows the truth, even if his wife and son do not. W.
Ps. Not one of those three came by to check on me say after the New Year. I'm talking 2019 / Jan 2020, the Xmas I told them I was sick as a dog and didn't want them to catch it. His son was entirely different. Someone, somehow hacked my PC using an open source OS and going in through my email client / email addresses.
I may have hinted to his son that I suspected him. (He was the only person I knew who knew that OS other than me and the hack was local.)
Friends... I hope yours are better than mine. W.

In about 13 hours, 2023 is gone forever on this World.

I don't often get sentimental but 202 4 (01 01 2024) 1+1 =2, 2+0+2 = 4, 01+ 01 + 2+02+ 4 = 10.
It is like the Date just went Metric but for just this year only. lol. W.

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