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How do you can have a real woman for your all lifetime?

We, the woman really don't want too much to be with the man.
We get so easy happy, you just can image.
That the man and the woman are endless different kind of animal that it's true.

Work hard and you will be enough rich for us.

We hate lasy men. Just know that you must work hard (if you are not so smart) all your life to feed us and the children. The buisness woman is a woman who don't trust her man because he is not good enough.

Listen every word we are saying because there is a point.

Talk and listen us. This will be only in your advantage.

Don't show that you don't like our friends and familly.

Don't tell a word against the friend and familly. Never. We knew it and don't know to hear it.

Give us a freedom and tell it to everybody.

When we know that everything is allowed we just lose the interest.
We will be more at home and will be faithful. If the woman stays to you she is the right one if she goes better for you.

Never never never share that you are have been cheating us.

If you were with another woman that is equivalent ? betrayal.
Better don't do it we will know it. Trust me. And after that nothing will be like before although we are say oposite.

Do romatic stuff even you hate it.

Give a rose, call just to tell love you. Ask how is our mother health. Be polite. Make us diversify that we don't search it outside.

Make/give us presents.

Make us a presents. As expensiver so better. Ask other woman to help you or just give us money to do we our self. We like shoping don't stop us. That make us calm.

Make love with us.

If you really love us it would be not problem for you.
That is a secret but I will share it too. When we do it 2 times a week it would be good enough.

Love the chilldren and the pets.

Be a good man. Love the children and the animal they are part of us.

Love us.

Show that you love us and give a guarantee that it would be forever. If you don't want or can do this just be honest and fly away, don't lose our invaluable time.

upps forgot sorry my bad englisch usually i am using another language :)
If somebody already met his real woman you are blessed keep her and make her happy. Good luck!

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That's what I want, That's what I want, Gimme Money That's what I want....what happened to love man...sure you can buy sex..but no connection mentally Bowie said it perfectly Wam Bam Thank You Mam. I want a real woman that can make our life interesting and fun, not running around burning plastic cards for three hundred pairs of shoes in her walk in closet... that's not my kind. Well am I right... Yeeesssssssssssssssssssgrin
where is the honest woman.....i think that she is the leg of a snake and horn of the a**??? i am in search for 2 years but not found,,,every one is demanding for money in sh ap of visa proces etc???can u help me here>>????
I go for literacy above all things first.
I think we all are different, we just have to really get involve with our other half, and try our best to understand and know each other. But that can only happend if we care about our relationship.
You people think this is funny
you forget to put one more condition
I would like to add something about Part 7 in particular. This is simply not true, nonsense. A present is not defined by it's worth, it is defined by the thought the giving part puts into it! There is nothing more ruinous for a relationship than giving a present without thinking about it or if it does not come from heart. You can be sure if you give your woman a Gulfstream Jet as a present (very very expensive) but she is afraid of flying the worth will not matter. Especially if money is not short showing you thought about your partner giving a gift is way more important than its net worth. Or giving her money instead of a present, even worse. Unless the woman is a cold blooded Golddigger, if you follow this hint it will ensure your relationship is ruined before you can say: Blueberrypancake.
I think this list is very superficial. A relationship built to last means more than hard work, presents and sex. Even though you might be right in some points, this list is nothing a woman nor a man can demand. Paying respect, care for your family and showing affection is something which is done automatically if she deserves it. Furthermore it can never be one sided trying to make a relationship work. Some of your "tips" also seem, as mentioned before, kind if stone age to me. You can't buy respect from anybody, only earn it. Love is not a one way street!
thanks for the list it's really helpfull.i just have only two comments:

1- you sure we shouldn't share if we cheated .. i mean you'll never forgive ? cause you know when you do something bad like this it's better to tell otherwise this secret will make you suffer

2- i don't think that twice a week will be enough
tip hat my pleasure teddybear

Thanks for this extended clarification! I think I got your point! thumbs up

I sometimes wish to highlight my ‘problem(s)’ because of a will to overcome not as an excuse. However, I appreciate this list highly. Thanks again.
handshake bouquet
Thank you for a posting LifeThirst, I mean to be rich is a very different value to every human been. As example to be rich somewhere on this world is to cover an existence minimum enough to living like to have every day to eat or to have clean water to drink. And somewhere to be rich is something different you know.
My top10 like everything on this world relatively depends but it is very interesting for me to see by almost every mans post that he is discussing the main problem which he has. Take a look is it not? My top10 is a little bit provoking can I say and some people under first signal reaction get angry
A simple, straight-forward & neat guideline! Thanks for it!thumbs up

But I only differ in the first point’s header… hard working may not lead to desired amount of wealth accumulation sometimes, scope of hard work matters irrespective of willingness. Wealth accumulation varies depending on a person’s spending nature… for example… whether the spending nature for his own amusement or a close relative’s huge medical cost to survive a severe illness or spending to give support a lot of dependent people… should be judged or considered separately. I can remember a quote even “taking birth as a poor is not a sin but death as a poor is a sin”, still I can say even an extreme hard working guy might not be desired rich sometimes… is that a negative? dunno

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i believe that the important thing for women on man, before money or honey or cloths or beauty, is to be a man at first,honest, by meaning, having enough of manly things to saticfy the woman, bean clear word, good d... use and honesty is best policy.

to be a man on bed is the most important thing, then honesty, then the rest might be important, cuz, if you have all world money, and handsom, power, allllll , but you are not a man, a real man by all meaning, the woman will not keep with you for a month.. but if you have your umbrella only, she will be under its shado all your life long...

try it and ci if am right or wrong.

to all men, and women....
Don't worry Johnny you will find the one. wave
i have be in here i think that no women need me and im a nice guy. pls i need a nice women
thumbs up yes!
If you really respect and love a woman, all you have said will happen naturally!!angel
laugh in the stone age is better but we are understood it too late
and who said anything about money?
rose is living in the stone age,
typical, money is first on the list, the last thing a lady is getting is money from me, get your own jobs lol
stop bummen off us men hahahahhahahhahahaaaa,
Whisper, thank you for posting! wave
Sorry darling,

But most woman (and I do not speak about childish ones between 20 and 34 because they have way to much success with all kinds of men; good and bad ones) but about the real women that already passed the 35 and know what it is to have a broken relationship, many times staying behind with children and so on.

When you, girls meet a man of your age you very often start to act girlish; I mean by that the way you want us to compliment you and the way you think you can critic us.

Think that you are not 19 any more and that's it is ok to have (lost ?) some beauty here and there; but that's not important to us; we will love you more when you can laugh about it instead of trying to hide it and become angry at us when we try to make a gentle joke about it.

We know you are strong; remember every man has know a very strong woman in his life; to begin with his mother ! So try to understand us and support us when we hesitate a bit to show immediately our affection. In stead of criticizing it would be more productive to encourage us to be once in a while romantic with you, darlings.

Realize that most of us have been bullied at the age of 8 when our friends thought we were to nice to a girl. So some idiots amongst us still continue to think it is not a man-thing to be gentle and romantic to a woman you like.

And last but not least : man and woman are not made to stay a whole life together; if you and your partner realize that you will be doing more effort to try to respect each other and try to have as many good times as possible.

With love,

Thank you Trojan. I am lucky that one man have got the right point of this top 10! It is not a war it is the natural sigh of mother nature. wave
I agree with your list.
I think you hit the nail on the head.
get one
give nine
and that's the fact
if you want option number one thn you have to pay all nine options
if you mind it i m sorry but its true and you know s too.
money doesn,t matter to me never has done its so far down my list of importsnt things for a potential partner to have that its not even on it.
Hi sweetlegs!
We all are different. I as example have been eating my whole life out, love roses, like shopping, hate cooking and love to please somebody. But this means nothing.
Certainly you are the best match for somebody and you will be the best dating girl in the world for him. Don't worry, it is just a matter of time!
Men its freindship and being honest with a woman open up and speak how you feel about things and others people in you life's and build your freindship first and see were it goes from there.

I am not easy to please or make happy.And i hate shopping.I Do not like roses or candy.I am a picky eater most of the time i have to cook at home i hate going out to eat dinner most restaurants i have send food back like 3 to 4 times they never get my food right.Or it taste nasty and i have to take it home to the dog.I do not eat beef or pork .so i would be a really bad date hahaha
rolling on the floor laughing OK than take it how do you want! wave
No, I won't take it easy. I will take it easy when the circumstances are right for it.

Take your own advice, is the best way. Just say something to someone, and then immediately say it to yourself, and imagine it was someone else who said it to you.

So... you can test this by saying it to yourself, "I must take it easy," and see how much of it sticks.

Then you can contemplate how much of it will make others feel at ease when you say "take it easy" to them.

Anywhere I lived, the social norm was that saying "take it easy" was a direct, albeit mild, insult.
Thanks for posting your opinions, Vostok!
Interesting view of the Things. Don't take them so seriously and emphatically. Of course Things depending! Of everything. Everything like people, situations, times and levels.

Take at easy! wave peace
I agree, badmouthing or criticising your family by the man is stupid. I made that mistakes many-many times.

Make love to you. Well, that depends entirely on the woman, not on the man, how attractive she stays. If she gains 500 lbs or loses her face in a motorcycling accident, well, the man MAY make love to her on a decreased frequency. If she stays sexy, he will make love to her. Of course he can get erectile dysfunction or something. Just don't you puke in his lap when you go down on him, that's a total turn-off for guys.

Love you. Be in love with you.
That's the toughest, coz it's impossible. In my private opinion after six months no love remains, only a mutual dependency, and some respect. If there is a continuing sense of pride that says to him "she's my partner" and it makes him feel like a real man, good, and of course vice versa. But love? It is a feeling, and and emotion, which are notoriously never constant, or not constantly present.

My advice: Don't expect the impossible. Don't expect him to love you non-stop; don't expect him to sex you if you turn ugly later on; don't expect him to listen to every of your words. The other stuff is more-or-less okay or can be reasonably expected.

Most of all: Don't be categorical. Men and women are finely tuning instruments, that, like AI programs, constantly send feedback and react to correct inequities within the system. You can't be categorical because the system (human body, mind and spirit) are never constant, they are in flux always.

Plus, if you are categorical, you will sound like a cold-hearted, demanding biiiiitch, and he will be the only one left in his family to like you.
Hard work never made a man rich. The rich don't work hard, either. This is not a causal relationship (hard work and being rich.)

Freedom of woman: if a guy gives freedom to his wife, she goes out and never comes back. If she comes back, she loves him. If she loves him, she needs no freedom. This has been expressed in accordance with Bulgarian social and sociological realities, not the North American one. North American women are free on their own, they don't need release from their husbands to become free in spirit and in movement.

Listen to every word she utters coz they are all important: My foot. You are crazy. I am a special case, because I listen to every word anyone says to me, but I went crazy because of that inaptitude to not listen at will. No human can listen to another human, unless they are possessed by evil spirits like I.

I agree with you very much on the issue of cheating. It takes a certain kind of woman who can live with a man as her husband who cheats on her. They exist, but they are few and far between.

I agree with you that the man must like and be kind to kids and animals. Also waiters and waitresses. And taxi drivers, and door men, and beggars and certified pubic tax accountants.

I agree with the woman needing to go shopping. Men too. It's a basic human urge to increase holdings of stuff and to hoard. 70 thousand years ago we hoarded wild grain, mushrooms and rocks; now we hoard money, and things money can buy.
for nothing to thanks Catman. It was my pleasure! wave
i agree with you....,i will do that....thanks
so lady, it sounds like you're setting up a bit of a double standard; you're saying you value your freedom and don't like feel pressured but at the same time u make checklist for men to be constrained and do things they don't like. Don't get me wrong, i think its great ur making things easy for us guys but i feel like this thread is more geared towards woman; kinda like ur saying 'us women must have this and that' as opposed to 'guys be yourself, but be careful of this, etc'
does this make sense to anybody or am i being unclear?
Rose you are a great inventor.
I agree with Claudio

My question:

Where are all the women to agree or disagree.

To me this issue is very interesting.

Come on everybody !! applause
Claudio, look at it is so natural. Why you men are so afraid from the reality. From the Beginig until the end it was and would be your responsibility to take care for the woman and the children.
First you should come out from the cave and kill the animal for the dinner than now you should work hard to make money for your family (including you).
Everything very different from this simple testament is not good for anybody.
What so bad I have been written can somebody tell me?doh
I am sure that the first item on the list means 99 per cent of the demands of women, the other 9 was difficult to invent
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