If You Would Find an Answer

If you would find an answer
to what's been troubling you
Would you shout it from the rooftops
And rejoice to find it's true?

If life hand's you sorrows
You really cannot bear
If you lose the ones you love
Or if no one seems to care

Will your heart continue hoping
That love will bless your day
That hope will not be hopeless
That love will find a way?

When no one understands
and you feel all alone
Will you put your hand in God's
Will you believe you are His own?

Even in all your struggles
What could they all be for!
Can you "see" a shining light
Upon a shining shore

A dream that seems to call you
A day you know will dawn
A day when joy surrounds you
Your struggles all are gone

As you melt into the arms
Of the One who calls your Name
Love meets love, and glorious Light
Shines rainbows from the rain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2009
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Will I ever find you
If I never look?
Where have you been hiding
Thief of hearts and crook!

Everytime I "find" you
It always falls apart.
You never are the "right" one
But still you get my heart.

I never thought you'd leave me
It seemed so "right" you see.
But tell me why it's now a lie
And love is just a memory.

Could it be you're hiding
Beneath that muddy rock?
Do I need to mend your manners
Just as I mend a sock?

It seems there is no "right" one
If passion slips away.
I'm just no good at finding YOU
so will you look my way?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011
About this poem:
I wrote this poem on the "spur of the moment" regarding the watchfulness of a lonely heart. :)
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