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Do you believe Or Do you feel

Do you believe? Or Do you feel?

Fishermen in the middle of the ocean come across the most exciting, frightening experience on earth. The Truth....

The single Most Important image of humanity

The single Most Important image of humanity

awesome, Hubble revelations, ignore the computer geek ... or not...

Space Cerys Mathews Ballad of Tom Jones

Space/Cerys Mathews - Ballad of Tom Jones


David Bowie Space Oddity

David Bowie - Space Oddity


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Look Outonline today!

Look Out !!!

There's a big asteroid headed our way ! Scanners indicate, that it's largely composed of silicates. Contrary to rumors, it did no...

Felix Breaks the World Record for the Highest Ever

Felix Breaks the World Record for the Highest Ever

Wow! Did anybody watch this?? It was amazing!!!

Will We Ever Get There

Will We Ever Get There?

Every time I look at the stars, I wonder if we will ever get there. It seems unlikely. Is our lifespan too short or are we simply snookered by distanc...

Im going to Mars

I'm going to Mars!!!!

And, before you ask.....No, I haven't been at the I have just registered my name with NASA. It will be p...

Its about timeonline today!

It's about time !

Time. It seems that there is nothing we can do about it. Seconds, minutes, weeks, months, years, and decades all seem to elapse and vanish forever r...

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