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I got a date

I got a date!!!

Yippeeeeeeeeeee! I asked her out and she said "Yes"!!!!...

Meet for Coffee

Meet for Coffee?

Wanna Meet For Coffee?...

First Date

First Date

on a first date, I always like to do something a little different...

Dating sucks

Dating sucks

Sometimes dating sucks !...

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Best love scenes in movies

Best love scenes in movies

Best love scenes you ever saw in movies, hot and sexy :)...

Blind Date

Blind Date

"She felt it...."...

Evolution of kiss

Evolution of kiss

The amazing evolution of kiss in movies...

Whatever your relationship status Watch this

Whatever your relationship status Watch this

It's not my VDO. But I love it. Some part so true....

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Spared no expenseonline today!

Spared no expense

On Friday night I took my date to a VERY expensive place. Given the high prices, I was somewhat surprised that reservations weren't require...

Hot dateonline today!

Hot date !

I had a very hot date last night. She was originally from the south and was truly sweet. It's been a LONG time, since I had a...

A Gift or Not A Gift

A Gift or Not A Gift?

She is here on holiday from one of the Northern provinces and will be leaving for home on the fifteenth. I met her at a dance on the third day of her...



Hi, I am Mike Abbas model/actor/some business and looking for a girl who is cute and softest heart in the world cuz i love girl's heart softness as i...

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