top 10 quotes

I am a writer and these are all my quotes that i have made up!

like acid................. life is a trip

lets trip on love and hurt

never again....................... will i fall this hard

haters can hate all they want but I won the game

Dont hate the player or the game hate the fact that you tryed to play a player and got played


you know your in love when you stay on the phone with him until it goes completely dead because your heart dont have the strength to tell him goodbye.

to my boyfriend tj

life is like broken glass, some times it is better to leave it in pieces rather then get hurt putting the pieces back together

life is a b*tch

I want to be laying here with him next to me not laying here along with his t-shirt on

about my boyfriend tj

I put the glitter on but he wore it home

my boyfriend gets mad because he always ends up with glitter all over him because i ware glitter on my cheeks and he leaves and I dont have any glitter left on my face

if they hate let them hate

inspired by john cena

you couldnt run one mile in my nikes

I had some cool nikes that I loved and never seen any one else with a pair

there are 2 kinds of people in this world people that care and people that dont care, the people that care try to get the people that dont care to care but they will never care

I made this up a long time ago in the 9th grade

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Nice quotes..... heres one from my book
"being on the path to freedom means that I am now, a free man "
yep! number 5 applause
I really like number 10
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