Top Ten Musts for a Romantic Evening at Home

Top 10 Must Haves for a Romantic Meal


First and foremost, get a fondue set! Fondues are the most delicious, creamy, and romantic dishes in the world. Plus they have all kinds of side attractions. Be sure to have breads and dippers.


Fancy wine glasses and really good wine. Do not use beer, coke, or mixed drinks. Red is best.


White or dark, or strawberries with whipped cream.


The scented kind in beautiful blue or light colors.

Your favorite music

But nothing loud or disruptive. Love songs are preferable.

No interruptions

Which means all phones disconnected/especially cell phones!

A large screen TV

and a movie of your choice. No horror flicks or porn. Have a large furry rug laid out in front of the fireplace for comfortable viewing.

Special popcorn for movie munching

Add some goodies for popcorn crunching.

A special gift with flowers

To show you are thinking of him/her. The gift must be something they've always wanted.

Your loved one

and no one else!
What are your musts for a romantic meal???

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good list but id say cook him/her romantic meal that they love..make wee candies that they love,have a bubble bath together,put rose petals trailing from the front door into the bath or bedroom or both and for some extra fun,buy or make homemade chocolate body paint, YES there is such a thing u can buy and have fun using paint brushes and sweetened whipped cream to well go wild with paint by numbers except its an ADULTS VERSION hehe..why should kids have all the fun when it comes to painting its hilarious fun..the other fun thing is aerosol cream u cant beat it for a bit of hilarity and for the very adventurous , jelly wrestling and cant be beat ...

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