Top ten reasons why many beautiful women(MBW) are undatable

When choosing a partner,here are the top 10 reasons why I think any man/boy should pay attention not to focus on beauty(or physical apperance). Cheers lad... :-)


think that they are more entitled because of their beauty. They believe men should venerate them only because of their beauty.


tend to focus only on that one aspect of their personality(physical appearance), even though it is but an illusion(sooner or later we all have to face the fact that we grow old), and even though working on acquiring other qualities would be more beneficial for any real relationship.


are convinced, if a man loves them, he should be ready to spend all his fortune to make them happy(that is clothes, jewels, glamourous dinners ecc). NB:huge make-up is a clue to spot them.


think they have the power; and they do have some power indeed, because many men have been castrated to give it up to them; but don't be lured, their only power is sex, and nothing more; which anyway is more of a reproductive function that a recreational one.


will renounce to the sacred gift of procreation, only because it might harm their beautiful bodies!!!!!


seriously think/assume they are goddesses men have to adore; forgetting that just like any other human being on the face of this earth, they are flawed, and that just like any one else, they sometimes go to the bathroom and not only to pee.


believe thei body is a passe-partout key. It can open all doors, and it is their key to success.


think the greatest men are the plastic surgeons. Guess why.


will never ever consider offering a precious ring to their man, even if they believe it's compulsory that they should receive one from him at leat every semester.


will disagree with the previous 9 points although they deeply know them to be true.

PS1: Beauty is not a quality, it's an external advantage we have to make good use of.

PS2: I know that they are many, many beautiful women that are particularly humble, modest in the way they dress, spiritual and really good people, striving to become better and better, but no doubt that they are really rare. Really lucky is any man who finds such a wife.

PS3: We all love beautiful women, but we know what a challenge it can be to manage one.

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Nid you are for the sound bitter...probably because you cannot get a beautiful woman! and like someone commented, there are lots of old ugly men with beautiful women half their age so wtf are you picking on women for?
Men chase Beauty, women chase young bad boys.........both get what they deserve!
this is an old post but still true. I hate men who just want to have a beautiful woman and nothing else matters they are as shallow as a puddle left after the rain and dont deserve anyone until they grow up. Look beyond the face and see the real beauty. Any woman who is taken in by such a man deserves everything she gets ( I am sorry but I've seen it too many times)

Men start looking at the whole book not just the cover photo you might surprise yourself. I seriously think that is the number one reason why so many men are alone its because they rate beauty as the number one important factor. It also makes me laugh that these types of guys always chase the beauties and may even date a few and it never works out and they never learn!!!!!!

Was I ranting? Oh sorry LOL
Beauty is as beauty does. However, this poster sounds a bit bitter. I have never seen a successful, wealthy, powerful man with an ugly and old wife. Just saying... Offer the best get the best.
" Beauty fades,dumb is forever" Judge Judy
laugh Sounds like a list written by a man who can't get a beautiful woman because he's got nothing to bring to the table.
I agree with every word you say about beautiful women here. From your perspective.

Now let's ask a real man what his perspective is of beautiful women.
Hehehe.... I m a women and these words do match the MBW . No wonder they think themselfs as BMW.
But as for me I m simple.
The person ... were you male or female I wonder ? has been deleted !!! so WHY is there even a comment section here !!??
Funny how someone who quotes that true beauty is goodness towards others and references God - whom, last time I checked, stated that it was evil to judge others - is so hateful. Define beautiful woman. There are far too many people on this planet for you to make the judgement of who is beautiful for all people. I wasn't aware that the physical had an impact on the soul that wasn't already there. An ugly person inside can have any packaging, male or female in any shape, color, size, or social status. A beautiful person is the same. I suggest you spend less time judging beautiful women based on stereotypical misanthropy. As I have said myself after 8 years in the modeling industry, I've met gold bars in paper bags and piles of shit in gold bags.
Took the words right out of my mouth... these are FACTS! Like them or hate them they are 100% true
I like this post. Clear and solid facts based on understanding and observation of beautiful women. Nowadays this a common trait across borders and culture. Having said that, common man adore beauty and media too project beauty as a power.

Everything will change one day when people stop giving importance to beauty and start to look for other traits like love, sincerity, mutual respect, etc,
Good work, someone had the courage to say, what men often just think about. Great work, but are you sure there are just 10 reasons!!!rolling on the floor laughing

I enjoyed reading this message, every man should keep this on file, when they think about looking for a woman, I wonder what the women out there think of these reasonslaugh

Keep up the good work!!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Stereotypical rubbish!
agreed ! to every single detail.......peace
because they think they are better than you also because your not good looking
Wow! Wow! You should be ok if you live what you speak. Blessings.
Right on! So many gorgeous women are like cherry cars with blown engines. All you have to do is pop the hood to see right through them, lol! We all have to try them at some time in our lives and then move on to women of substance!
Better we learn ourselves before we catch our dream... Do u know a thought :

a dwarf try to reach a rainbow in the sky

if our demand is higher than our ability, we will get headchace LOL

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
LOL well I can agree with a lot of what you wrote there but I am also glad that you added the little bit at the end. I like to think that I am a beautiful person because of what I have on the inside not the outside and because I like to laugh and enjoy other peoples company
To marinivan: Find my answers in square brackets.
What is a "beautiful women" for you?
[The beautiful women I talk about are those falling in the class corresponding to the hollywoodian depiction of "beautiful women". That is women defining themselves primarily by their sex-appeal(1).
My opinion on what a really beautiful woman is? well it's a God-loving Lady who is tender and humble and who has understood that her physical appearance, even if very enticing, is but an illusion; and that what really matters is the Goodness she can manifest to her family and possibly to the world(2).]

Am I?
[Based on your physical appearance, you tend to be in the class 1(Hollywoodian beauty): Blond, apparently blue-eyed, don't need silicone implants for your twins. Which is probably the reason why you have chosen not to ever get married or bear children.
If you are also in the class 2? I cannot say. I don't know you personnally.]
I hope you are satisfied with my answers Marinivan.
Wish you the best.
What is a "beautiful women" for you? Am I ?rolling on the floor laughing
Well done and nice to see some men out there take notice of these things about a lot of women.
All I can say to this is.............I am not one of them and am happy to know I am HUMAN.
You got that right!!!
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