Just Think

Before you plan terminate your employee, just think, why I couldn't find an other job for him within my department, or other department,
May be he can perform better, give 2nd chance all the time.
and think lots of time before you terminate anyone, because you might destroy his plan of his life (family).
Also it can happen to you.
Don't say I am professional, there are too many like you.
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I m no more here

I was always there
Waited for so long
Now I am gone
I am no more here

If you ever came
I won’t be there
You’ll see the place
It’ll be the same

With its hanging bowers
The grass may be green
And the trees that tower
The house will stare
With the rooms all bare

While walking on the pave
You’ll crunch some dead leaves
You may think you heard
Someone scream

You’ll clutch your heart
You may depart
But I won’t be there
I am gone for good

Now it is me
Who is lost forever!
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Is something missing in me or my profile?
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I am Bored

I am getting bore..
I go on facebook because i'm bored,
but when i get on it,
its just as boring..!
if you are reading this, you are as bored as i am..yawn
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Should i apply in modeling?
whats your opinion?
honest answer plzwink blushing laugh
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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
I would join my new jobconversing
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Gooooooood Morning CS Friends

Good morning my friends.it's a new day i hope things get better for this i did pray.may all your problems be out on their way on this bright morning that starts this new dayangel teddybear teddybear
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HellOoo EveryOne,
I'm confused, which pic i should apply for Profile picture?

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