Happy Columbus Day....

The liberal Dems on our town council have replaced this with Indigenous Peoples' Day. Get away with many such nonsenses, in spite of a voting block, mostly elderly and business owners ( Job creators), predominantly republican. Issue is voter turnout, and getting the RIGHT folks to run, for an admirable, but thankless job/title. But the base here is fired up, thanks to the indiscretions of the Dems, and their near violent, abusive, harassing rent-a-protesters over Associate SC Justice Doctor Kavenaugh. They actually tried to make this little idyllic Oceanside hamlet a "sanctuary city", but were beaten back by Trump and Co's policies of cutting government funding for such. I'm actually not against keeping the original, which is validly steeped in tradition, and having another created for our precious and way mistreated First People's. See if folks on the other side have commensurate sentimentalities. Don't hold your breath. After all, Cristobal C. Was a (Jewish) straight white male---the scourge of modern life for some, No? The right thing to do here would be easier if he were a homosexual, otherwise LBGT, lefty female of color, No?

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I knew a Lakota guy in Minnesota.

Every Columbus Day he wore a T-shirt with the image of Indians looking at three Spanish ships and the the caption, "Native Americans Discover Columbus".

You are so right, Micman. I've always thought we as a nation need to do more to try to make things right---really never possible. I actually worked with the health needs of these wonderful folks, and had a proposal to begin a Medical School mostly for them, which would include a division of their medical traditions. They'd also accept a few non FP's, to help spread the word.

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