Valentines Day blues

This is quite a month long late blog. It really started a week before Valentines Day. The Japanese line leader(Note that I just started in that factory last December 2018 and that the custom here in Japan is to give chocolates to your male friends/co workers on Valentines Day) told us that we don't have to give him chocolates on Valentines Day and gave a practical reason. Well then, good. So I thought. On the morning of Valentines Day, he again said that he didn't want us to give him chocolates. Of all our male co workers, he was the only one who said that to us. I do find some male co workers who are worthy of receiving one for being nice in giving techniques on how to do the work well. But I refrain from doing so. From that morning till around noon, I could see several female workers giving our male counterparts with big and small boxes of chocolates. Then after, the overtime became lesser.( He was the one who tell us our overtime always) And lo and behold I'm now assigned to the other branch from March. Do you think there's a connection? Tomorrow is March 14, the so called White Day when the girls' turn to receive chocolates. I've bought myself a big box of Ferrero. Would devour it to my heart's desire!!grin

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rolling on the floor laughing
Nope, no connection. You are just being paranoid. laugh

If you do find out later that he was being petty, all you do is buy him some chocolates next Feb and lace them with arsenic...laugh
I hate when people tell you in advance not to buy them something.
Firstly, it's pre-supposing that you were going to in the first place.

Secondly, it is not up to the receiver whether somebody wants to buy something or not, that is up to.the buyer.

And thirdly, and worst of all, if they do say it, but don't mean it, then anybody who takes them at their word, is made out to be the baddie doh

It may or may not be connected, depending on his personality. Only you will know if he is small-minded or not . Hopefully not, as that would be very unprofessional.
@Luke, I'll take your advice. That is, if I'm still with the factory by next February.laugh And if ever, I'm expecting company in the jailhouse!rolling on the floor laughing
@Molly, that's a problem here. Too many social obligations! If you give something to someone, expect to receive in return. Seems the joy of giving even for both genders and the joy of receiving even a simple thank you is lost. But I do find it weird hearing the same request from that man on two different weeks. Seems like the underlying message is to give with such insistence that he just couldn't let you down. But no need to worry. I like it better in my new assignment. The work is heavier, dirtier but then everybody seems to be very, very busy that I don't think they have the time to "play around". Besides, they seem to be nicer and kinder. Not to mention prettier and handsomer.grin
Win win cheering

Plus, he didn't get any chocolates from you dancing
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