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President Trump Is America's (And The Free World's) Last Best Hope

30 years ago when I went back to college after dropping out the first time I took two history classes from a "renowned" Harvard University history professor.

On day one I felt that something was wrong.

The entire course was about how horrible America was, how we killed Indians and took slaves, started wars, pillaged and plundered.

Classes regularly broke into small discussion groups with history graduate students leading the groups. I thought I was in some kind of alternate universe. This wasn't the history that I learned in high school.

If you said anything good about America in your o.ral presentations or papers, and didn't just regurgitate what a horrible country it was for what it did to the Indians and slaves and to the Japanese dropping a bomb on them and for starting all the wars in history, your papers received a poor grade and you were ridiculed and harassed not only by these graduate students who reminded me of Gestapo, but by the other students who were almost all younger than me and who I realized I had already been brainwashed. This was Hitler Youth!

This was a geographically diverse student body at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. That's when I first came to understand that something terrible was happening in the classrooms of America. Kids were being taught that America is an evil country and needs to be "fundamentally transformed." They were being taught that America is the root of all evil in the world, precisely what America's enemies and adversaries would like Americans to believe in order to undermine their support for their own country and weaken its foundation.

Ever since then I've been arguing that the most dangerous risk to America is not what's happening in Washington or on the Internet or in social circles, but what's happening in our classrooms where kids are being systematically indoctrinated into anti-American ideology.

It's been happening quietly and under the radar for so long, that I'm not sure there's any way to reverse it at this point. Patriots are late to the revelation and I'm not sure they understand it even now.

The enemies of our country have been working this plan quietly and patiently for all these years in order to be able to reach this point: the point where they can put up an anti-American candidate who will turn this country over to our enemies and easily have them elected. They can destroy the country without firing a single shot.

I've never seen anything this scary.

Why someone from my generation would be on their side, since our minds weren't polluted with that garbage when we were in school, is a mystery to me.

The only possible explanation I can think of, is that they're weak-minded and afraid of the ridicule and harassment they will receive if they don't go along with the anti-American party line. They are afraid of sticking up for America because the tide has shifted, and that has become forbidden. It's much easier to go along with the anti-American thugs, and hope that they will leave you alone, than stand up to them and face a firestorm of harassment, political persecution, and even violence.

It's the exact same syndrome that some Jews that supported Hitler had. Some of them thought that if they supported him he would leave them alone. It was fear and weakness that drove them to do such a crazy thing. How did that work out for them?

But the difference is that supporters of the left today, are not without an historical context by which to understand that that behavior will not get them a pass, and in fact will lead to their being the first ones to be sent to the work camps when the dictators get into power.

The problem is that they are not even conscious of their own psychological weakness. If you are not aware you even have a problem the fact that there is ample context in which to understand and overcome it is worthless.

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These are very scary times. Biden is brain dead. If he is elected he'll become a puppet of the radical anti-American left. I don't know what will happen to the country, but it can't be good.

Communists and Marxists are feeling their oats. They're salivating. After all these decades of insidiously undermining America, they think they're finally going to have their shot. And sadly, they might be right. I never thought I would see this happen in my lifetime.

I so hope that the silent majority still exists, and will make itself heard in the voting booths.
In other words, America has no hope. sad flower
That's the conclusion reached by Leftie analysts, Harb.
This is but one very succinct example - beginning @ 2:00 ...

A Biden candidacy "... concerns me on many levels. He'll almost Certainly lose to Trump. Another thing is if, My God, he becomes President ... ... ?!?!"

Not good times for Lefties moping

Yep, Dongg man. That is, unless the following are not at all important: More secure borders, free speech, second amendment, super economy, Europeans coughing up for their defense, getting China to stop hosing us from behind, new more balanced SCOTUS, no longer fearful of being falsely called racist, etc., standing up to liberals of all sorts, the strength and brains to stand up to the last three plus years of failed witch hunts, reasonable approach to infrastructure, less paper pushing/antigrowth regulation--- and lots more.
Small potatoes all, VERY small.
'Course, if one agrees with our esteemed OP that "President Trump Is America's Last Best Hope", the outlook is considerably Less bleak. ... very happy

We were infiltrated by Communism right after WWII......eventually being called the "progressive" movement.....anything but that! You can see its affects on shows like MASH and All In The Family.....strange because Archie was the most popular and most demonized by the Left. Since then....others have joined the Borg Collective, anti-America movement.....radical Islam.....La Raza racists......BLM racists....etc.. Bottom line is that if America falls to these oppressors.....the whole world falls.....because then it becomes the communists vs. fascists vs. radical Islam for domination (nuclear annihilation).
I'm neither a leftie, rightie, or an American, mic, so it doesn't matter to me on a practical level. I just think Trump is a detestable man and I hate to see him get what he wants. Simple as dat. drinking
Best hope? My god, no god, no hope at all. A dreadful thought. Place not hope in Trump, he is the sink hole of the world
We've been told that America won the cold war. That lulled patriots into complacency.

The last battle of the cold war has not yet been fought.
Dong, when you failed at school again it must of been traumatic. It seems to have created a lot of distorted thinking.
Would it help to talk about it?sad flower
What Ralp didn't say jimmy Carter and al gore.
Dong, when you failed at school again it must of been traumatic.

Don't let it weigh so heavily on you Ralphy, I graduated summa c*m laude.
@ Dongg
30 years ago when I went back to college after dropping out the first time I took two history classes from a "renowned" Harvard University history professor.

You were expecting the Trump University curriculum.. rolling on the floor laughing

Trump University

This is how it works.
Give me money. I'll make you rich.*

You want to be rich? I'm going to help you make so much money, your head will spin. You'll make so much money, you'll get tired of making money, okay? I'm talking more money than China, okay? So much money, Crooked Hillary will be hitting you up to donate to her sleazy foundation, which by the way, that's no foundation. I know foundations. All of my buildings are built on foundations, okay? Nobody makes better foundations than I do, I can tell you that. You know what else has a foundation? Melania's makeup, okay? Have you seen her? Amazing. The best bride money can buy. Melania, almost as beautiful as my daughter, Ivanka. Oh my god, I can't keep my hands off either of them, I just grab Tic Tacs, okay? I wish Tiffany had those looks. What a disappointment. I leave her for Donald Jr.

This is a school, Trump University. Ivy League. They just named it. Just called it Ivy League, it's all over. The best people are saying that my school is probably the number one Ivy League school in America. These are really smart people saying this. Harvard people, which used to be the best Ivy League. It's so Ivy League I'd say it's Big League. Not even Ivy. Big.

You will leave this school lighter in the wallet, but bigger in the brain. Nobody can teach you what I can teach you. I went to Wharton. I ran circles around the teachers there, it was embarrassing. The Wharton Tribune or the Journal or whatever they call it keeps calling me for interviews to tell you how good they taught me, but I denied them, bigly. Why? So I can teach you myself here at Trump University.

*Actually, I just keep your money.


I'll tell you what evil is. Evil is trying to destroy a good man with lies, deception and immoral tactics.

Donald John Trump is a good man. Those who try to destroy him are evil. They will ultimately pay the price.
Come on Jack step out into the light. Those days are gone now. Covid has taken care of everybody. No one is in school now, and of course you blame President Trump, because that's all you know how to do. I feel sorry for you..but honestly those days are gone, and we must go forward not backwards. That does no one any good.
@ hpylady
Come on Jack step out into the light.

That's rich, considering the persona you present, on a Dongg blog no less.. rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
Just trying to help you out, that's all. If Biden fondling young girls don't count then none of the university stuff counts either.
See how I done that ... you just let it go... just give to the universe.
Dongg: You, me, and many others feel your words are absolutely true. I'm playing Russian Roulette everyday, because of a sticker on my truck, that states, "Never apologize for being White". No one need apologize for their ethnicity. People won't acknowledge the Confederate flag can be about "Heritage Not Hate". People equate racist to having a differing opinion. I'm not crazy about a black with a white girl...that doesn't mean I'm a racist, that's my personal feeling and as a human being, I'm allowed to feel whatever I choose. Fact is, if my feeling is racist, blacks are much more racist than me. Black folks should know beyond a doubt, what a true racist is, but it's more advantageous to call all whites racist. 'Victim' is and shall forever be their preferred role. I play tennis, go out to eat and drink beer with blacks. If I was a 'racist', I wouldn't do those things. I'm certain some will spin what I've said... and I don't give a damn. Keep speaking for 'right' sir, no matter how insane some of these idiots on CS can be.

Hate speech is anything a Democrat finds offensive and misinformation is anything a Democrat doesn't agree with.

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