When is a plane .} not a Plane.[ ?

Tag. | . Airport confidential...landing on Time.

... heathens / 21 pilots
.....both sides now.} .Belle of Bel air.
Headed for nowhere } jets Overhead...
... eventually I will convince you of my bona fide.$..
... heavens on Fire / the Radio Department
..radio surgery / new found glory...
In rainbows.. )..) radio head...
...radio free Europe $ucked. Look @ Evidence. From 1945 to 1960...communism spread around the world @ ( approx.) 44 sq. Miles per hour. Washington is ground zero.
...part 2. The super bowl came from Montana.
..eYe don't presume to know what Joe Biden is saying here-- but it is cool.
Z. super Position / young the GIANT.
....y. GIGANTIC / P I X I E S.
X. .phone Power / they might be Giants.
..also ran.) Stargazer / rainbow
...just sayin, the new Age will feature GIANTS. LOOK, LOOK, LOOK at LP rainbow rising 1976.
...a few notes along this way...a.) code name for allied WW2 war plan; RAINBOW
b.) Song that the studio heads wanted to cut from 1939's wiz.of Oz.) Sum where over the rainbow
Place where deals were made in L A... rainbow cafe, where also the deep purple morphed into the band
Rainbow..circa 74/75.
C.) .most popular Joe Rogan podcast f. Alex Jones in an inverse rainbow NASA shirt. Comment scroll is already Legendary.
D. ) The thread of maximum giving ( & 20 / 20 vision
Gen. 9:11. Rainbow covenant
...Deut. 9:11 . 2 table covenant
1 Sam. 9:11..is the seer here ?
...A.nswer.) a plane is not a Plane when it is...

a.) An image.*.b. a globe plane T. . c. in masonry./ Geometry.. d. All the above..
..* or hologram.
He ] blinded me w/ science./ Dolby
...these eYes / .guess who ?
20 / 20 ) ..the Graveyard....) .. standby..
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The growth of the Com. Word as rated by the author of 'The Day the Dollar Died.' 1972ish.
Regardless of the speed or accuracy @ 44 sq.miles..
The whole earth has embraced $0cialism as meted out by the CROWN & VATICAN.
..At this point, differences of terms & $uch is moot.
Red / $ W I F T
Red Medicine / Fugazi
FULL Communism / downtown boys
..A R ] did you hear me ? / Red light district.
Listen,learn,read ON / deep Purple.
$hitRay. 101..} policy by the Numbers
1. .the Poor....uh oh
2. the rich exploit the poor.
3. The soldier protects them.
4. The Taxpayer pays for all 3.
5. The wanderer rests for all....| 4 3 before Catholics.
6. The drunk drinks for 06.......) .. - Cicero.
7. The banker robs all $1X.
8. The lawyer misleads 07.
9. The doctor bills all 08.
10. The undertaker buries them
11. The policy man lives happily on ACCOUNT
.... Of X.| T E N.
...shitray 2 0 1....they will know we R Christians by our
.love.... They'll know we are Yahudim by Event horizon & the QUICKENING....
5248. .nimrod } king of rebellion & mystery religion
. 322. . backwards } a BFD in occult programming
4926. A report..} strong radio net .) 1890 ®
..........5248...apolloyn in Grk.
...........2613. .profane
..........7861. shitray.) To make policy.
7562. Wrong
299. Brother of Error
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