Time is the best healer

It's true, time is the best healer but sometimes some sorrows stay with you for a lifetime. Time cannot heal it.

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Some sorrow become a part of the life of an unlucky person.
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Those that seek wisdom will find and so you get healed and sorrows are gone like bad smell in fresh air
are disappeared.
So seek wisdom from God.
God has made life .
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If you have Wisdom and Belief then any chronic-sorrow can be got rid of. Wisdom and Belief are integral part of our life. So it is necessary for both to be strong and to be in the right direction.
DL... Belief in what?
Time doesn't heal, it just turns us into great pretenders ... JMO conversing

Celtic.... You said that friendships are a passing phase and people outgrow them. That was in my friendship blog. Remember.
What in Gods name are you on about and what has that comment got to do with this blog confused
Witch.... I thought you were moping still about loss of a friend.
Well you thought wrong now didn't you ....
and if you don't mind, keep out of my head, wouldn't want you anymore damaged then what you already are comfort
Witch..... I've been using the Tarot cards recently and making spells. I need to check whether you have fallen off your broomstick recently or crashed it. If you haven't, then the spells aren't working.confused
The object, in which your mind can believe in. It can be yourself or it can be someone else or it can be an imaginary thing or it can be a philosophy or it can be anything. Belief is important, object is not important. It would be great if we could maintain our Belief without any object.

Belief is a useful spirit within us. A firm Belief helps us to move forward.
Belief needs to be in the right direction. Carry wisdom and discernment with you to guide the Belief in the right direction.
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