Politician on a Lie Detector

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Willy do you remember when Hillary tried to say it would be dangerous with Trump
being in control of that nuclear button?

Well now it's her team through their puppet Biden.
So how do you feel, safe?
Yes I remember that.

I'll feel safe with Trump back in the White House and an all Republican Congress.
I think we fix Congress tonight. Impeaching Bidden and the Camel will take a few months longer.
Impeaching them for what?
For one, being incompetent. The man is waayyyy out of touch, and very confused a lot of the times.
Oh, and as far as the Johnny Carson clip, hilarious! rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFFLMFAO.... IT's all from the Mafia.... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
The Framers also rejected a proposal made during the Constitutional Convention to include—in addition to treason and bribery16—"maladministration" as an impeachable offense, which would have presumably incorporated a broad range of common-law offenses.17 Although "maladministration" was a ground for impeachment in many state constitutions at the time of the Constitution’s drafting,18 the Framers instead adopted the term "high Crimes and misdemeanors" from English practice. James Madison, at the Constitutional Convention, objected to the inclusion of "maladministration" as grounds for impeachment because such a vague impeachment standard would "be equivalent to a tenure during pleasure of the Senate."19 Immediately thereafter, the Convention voted to include "high crimes and misdemeanors" instead.20 Arguably, the Framers’ rejection of such a broad term supports the view that congressional disagreement with a President’s policy goals is not sufficient grounds for impeachment.21

'Incompetence', or inability to discharge the powers and duties of a president comes under the 25th Amendment, doesn't it? It's not an impeachable/criminal offense to be unwell, or a bit rubbish at your job, anymore than having a different opinion is.
If it comes under the 25th Amendent, it can be temporary.

That means if you don't like having a woman of colour as your president, you can always revert to the handy old man.

If you impeach Biden, you're stuck with Harris until the next elections, aren't you? Or maybe Nancy Pelosi if you successfully impeach Harris as well.

The thing about impeaching Trump was that although Mike Pence was a wet blanket for most of Trump's presidency, he did eventually stand up to him. Pence doesn't exhibit the clinical traits of dangerousness that Trump does and as such was preferable as a president for those who objected to Trump's alleged criminal behaviour.

Trying for a tit-for-tat impeachment would have consequences that maybe you'd like even less. I could support you in that endeavour.
There is only so bad you can make things before that's a distinction that nobody cares about. Maybe have some chance of saving itself if it was turn around and say "sorry I'm so shit" but that's not how power works. The prime feature of power being arrogance.
What distinction?

Between incompetence and criminal acts? confused

If you meant a distinction between incompetence and inability, I meant one to be the explanatin of the other with respect to the wording of the 25th Amendment.
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