my new handbag design

yesterday finish it, sheepskin , hand work for having puckers
,Lining nature cotton.i made 3 colors, purple,black,red.
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WOW, WOW WOW, WOW WOW WOW!!! I looooove it! For my fav color is purple! But the shape of this bag reminds me of a kettle, is that the source of your inspiration?
Besides, I really enjoy your photos of anything you take anytime. They're fabulous! applause
I completely agree with Yan! Wow was my first response. But she is right about the shape. Tweak that a little and you have a winner.

Really beautiful.
Girl, you are very creative. I love your work! I wish i could do that!!!!thumbs up thumbs up

U made that? thats amazing! I love it! You are a very cool person, its refreshing applause Thank you for being you
I find the shape of your design obviously very creative, and most of the famous designs are all from unique and even strange inspiration. e.g: 2008 Beijing Olympic main stadium (Bird's Nest), just as its name suggests. I can see you going far! cheers
And also, the other impression this bag gives me is The Beijing National Aquatic Center, namely - Water Cube. lol! grin
Nice design and great colour...... you have a special talent.

It would be good if the next time you take a photo, to see it's size. Maybe put something alongside it to show the scale dunno

Best wishes with your business. handshake
Are they for sale? Maybe some peeps here would like one.
nice job!

you should considered an online store, if you have not allready!
What machine do you use, ciacia? Jac xxx
You are a ''gifted'' woman. your handbag design is perfect .women carry everything inside one!!!
I follow your blog,because your recipes. thank you for sharing Cia cia
well if you ever decide to sell one, let me know...Id be interested in buying one
Very nice design, you have talent and you should continue developing it.
That is amazing! What talent you have! Beautiful bag! Wow!wow applause
How much are they?

You can easily set up a store on Yahoo or Ebay and take some preliminary orders. It would be a good idea to set up a storefront on the Internet'll have much more exposure and sales.

I hope I get a discount for these tips, lol!
omg! that is gorgeous- i would love one! thumbs up
Question repeat: Are any for sale? confused
yeah id be curious how much they go for cool

and hello Miss Calm! My dear wave grin
hey dray :). I asked the price before but so far no response...if they are like Prada I'd say nada, lol.
thanks you guys like the bag, i still no make the price of the bag, i have new samples everyday, not so fast to have price. and i think no good idea sale bags here:) but i will try contact your person mail when i get orders and making in factory!
you are seriously gifted! Good luck!
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