oh yez!!!

Free is good,,,free is better,,,free is the best!!!!
There is a 'free' when you buy a pack of 'promo goods' in a supermarket or got an items without a cost! 'You are free' when no one arounds you that keeps telling you what to do and you are living on your own..and You 'Feel free' when you're out somewhere having good times..away from the other people ...without thinking any hassles,problems,money budgets,paper works,meetings etc...

Way back december 2005, ive got all those frees!!!
Having a week long vacation from work and families, away from d crowded city,me and my friends went to their vacation house in mountain area, its all her bills,gas,all! Along the road,on their 4x4 pick up,were sitting at the back, drinking beers,,eating peanuts,teasing each other,laughing and joking!
At their house, we spent our times juz only for the same stuff..looking around the area, swimming in their pool or in a nearby small waterfalls,then eating all what we want,drinking redwine,tequila,beer but the best 4 me is that rice wine from japan! Oh my whatta week of freedom from the real world!
Since that time i never drink again,,,lol

When is the last time you got some of those frees???
Isnt it fun to be drunk sometimes??
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to hell with all this shell, ill call by your place in 10 minutes, and we'll go on the drink, im buying.
@ ben
Oh yeah, buddy!
Pssst im waiting 4 half an hour but u never call!
Im thirsty!
a bottle of coke and 2 straws shell, i dont drink either, lol
@ ben
Oh no... Another saint!!
i only said i dont drink. loldevil
sometimes we needs some evil spirit in our body!
don't worry shell, i will protect you from the evil spiritangel angel devil angel angel
oh ben
Ur so sweet!
But im tired of being good!
I wana have fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun

Ok thats fun!

Yep. Nothing like a good old night on the turps and suddenly life is so uncomplicated and I'm as free as a bird........

until I wake up the next morning and find myself in a police cell.roll eyes

mumbling Blame it on that Japanese sake.....
god billy were shook, the taughts of an innnocent lad like yerself in a police cell, ah sure well have a whip around for to bail ye out, and we shouldn't really, because as sure as night follows day, well all go on the tear.
Too true Ben.

And who's gunna bail us all out the following morning?uh oh
to be honest billy, will we know or care,
its all shells fault, she started talking about the drink, shell our to blame, talking about drink. lol('cheers');

I'll take d charge!

Dönt ya wory guys will bail u two, then we'll run again 2 hav some drinks....
more drinks, ah; shell you will end up killing us, ('cheers');
no no no

Juz only 1 week
good night shell, ben ('sleep');
why did you have come up with this blog?? I have so many things to do in the next 2 months and here you made me go on a short vacatoin. rolling on the floor laughing

Am packing my bags this weekend! Just realized I need a break cheers
enjoy the holiday max.('super');
Thanks Ben. cheers
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