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A friend for life...... I hope!

I've got myself a new mate. The only child of our local magpie couple has finally been evicted fr...
2,01367Jul 2010

Toads, dung and coffee beans

Hmm. Think I'll write a blog. Got no idea what to write about, and my mood's not ideal, but hey, eve...
1,34935Aug 2010

Emoticons: How much can ya bear?

I've gotta say right now that sometimes I feel like getting a knife out of...
1,05135Aug 2010

Me confess? Never!!!

"Errr mum. I think it's about time I came clean with ya. Now promise you won't get mad.... okay?...
72815Jun 2010

Even ugly dogs will grow on ya.

As the saying goes.... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So why have so many members lately e...
1,00229Aug 2010

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