Lady Gaga is now in Greece

Elounda Kriti, Myconos and Santorini following my steps... well in this case art imitates life!!!
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I noticed your other post is chlamydial infections, are you tryin` to say something? LOL! laugh
poor greeks
My dear friend BlainX from Ohio USA Chlamidiae affects the brain. You should really get checked!!!

Your G string picture is Case art,
warning it may only be provocative to a SMALL few... That get a kick out of seeing self-deprecating art forms?

tip hat
Dear BlainX from Ohio USA... Congratulations!!! I ve already added you in the protocol!!! Please curry on!!!
Yes that's right I am from the USA

Whatever your protocal is???

I'll be shakin~...... ???? :crazy
hopefully any fans will go on strike and leave the muppet on stage alone, or even better have a riot and petrol bomb the stage grin
lmao, 'pls curry on' chicken vindaloo pls grin
?a?????? ?? pt???? t? p?e?µat?!!!
"Give us back Kurt Cobain and we will send you Lady Gaga"...
I would love to but I dont have Kurt Cobain so how can I give him back?? (lady Gaga you may keep)
you may have it back, but i'll keep the producers and audio engineers. ;)
by the way it's a <facebook> group.
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