i enjoy helping people, i do a lot of work in community since government does nothing to help, i am not a gold digger like most of the girls i know, im honest, like to please people, love cooking, enjoy nature and outdoors activities, not afraid to show my emotions, pleasure to be a young mom, very good dancer, active, like to set my mind into something and achieve my goals, not preppy or girly (i consider that good, otherwise i`ll be annoying), emotionally stable, smart, attractive, well round selfsteem, educated, relax, a good friend...
succesful, intimidating, get attached to soon, over react, friendly, sociable, naive (not dumb, naive, i guess lack of experience, not a virgin, tender to forgive, and look like an adornment but think like a man!
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I like your blog...straight down the line...conversing
You haw a whole lot of life in front of you...conversing
Your mind is clear and Just be positive...conversing
Good thing happen to those with some patience...conversing

cheers grin hug hug hug
not bad at all, shame you are far too modest for my characterlaugh
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