Pet likes?

My budgie(Strawberry) reacts to ABBA, he whistles and chirps his little head off when he hears their songs. I wonder if anyone elses pet 'reacts' to certain things?
Just a thought to brighten up this sunday chicken dancing
I can't find a budgie Emoticon rolling on the floor laughing
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That is so funny with son has a dog, a big rotweiler,
his name is Banjo (as if you did not know roll eyes laugh roll eyes ) He is used to music, having it in his life all the time, my son plays and sings in a band (Irish) called "Sippin' Whiskey".

We use to sing when we are together. Banjo busy on his own chewing a bone, like he did not care, or hear us playball We then decide to sing "Cross down when Billy was young......." And Banjo jumps up....starts barking, growling and showing his teeth, so meanlooking he could scare off a bear. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

What is it with them, what happens in their mind......confused confused

Thank you for sharing grandad, hope you will enjoy imagine Banjo in my little story. dancing dog violin dancing dog
My budgies used to sing their heads off when there were noises like water tap running, frying pan sizzling or hair dryer working! laugh They also tried to oversing people's conversations.
Joyaepace I know what you mean about them trying to oversing when people are talking. I had a love bird (Twinkle) and they just squawk, loudly I can tell you, I had to cover him up when anyone came round.
And young Silentspring I shall have words with you later blushing kiss
My sweet toy-terer when she was younger used to sing when she heard cards with
but it was just couple of times..then she fed up i herrrrr))
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