What attracts a woman? What attracts a man?

What attracts a woman? What attracts a man? The reality is that people are attracted to other people for many reasons. For example, a man might be attracted to a woman because he finds her physically desirable, fun to be around, intellectually stimulating, or all of these things and more. He might also be attracted to her because of the circumstances surrounding their meeting since particular situations can make someone more appealing
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a woman: Money, then money and then money ...

a men ... well, a nice ars wouldn't hurt!.... ermm .. even better would be wide hips and a tiny waist! :P
Hahah, Nice Joke
remember this topic please
Ma'm Nice to see u hear. I will surely rem these points
You may be young, but you come over as being very wise. grin
Thanku Miss Angel
What a shame that opinions like 10kOhms's seem to be those of the most vocal majority (on the web, especially).
What a sad view of things that type of person has. I truly feel sorry for those who really believe that, if that's all they see (or are able to see) in the world. It's saddening that so many people seem to buy into such a depressing, reductive world-view.
Madam, its depend upon person to person, i dont think every one will agree with his view
I agree with Sue.. I've lost count of how many men contact me wanting to know what kind of money i might have..The first thing they usually ask is my work..
Also sex is another one..I'm very turned off by people who hunt for sex and money..
In my opinion god didnt put me on earth to be used or abused by anyone..
I want to be loved, not used..
It isnt easy finding a good man online and if I didnt have to work so much I would be meeting people more in public events or through more friends I could meet in the real world.
Online dating is easy access to chat but not so easy to meet the right one.
Too many online using the internet for ulterior motives.
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