Rate of Divorce in India

From past one decade divorce rate in india is increasing, but it is not that high as compared to U.S. Unites states divorce rate is almost 50% but in india it is world lowest 1.1%. On rural india divorce rate also very low. but now in urban india divorse rate is shooting.

Very low divorce rate in india. Help childrens raise without trouble. In europe peoples wonder how indian do arrange marriage. But fact is most indian do arrange marriage. And this type of marriage don't break as easy as love marriage. Their are various causes of divorce in india. It differs from European countries. Indian have to much pressure to run family properly. and most of them don't believe in second marriage. if any dispute happen then both bridge and groom family sit and sort out the problem.

I m really hurt when these thing happen. I dont understand why couple cant live together forever.

I Think in this world there isn't anything impossible, it can be avoided by mutual understanding.

What is ur view on this?
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not really d world lowest u know... technically, over here, the divorce rate is 0%

divorce not yet law!! ...

roll eyes
please tell more about the arranged marriages and customs; i know some indian people well and they were all arranged marriages and are all together forever and happy! i thik that life gets in the way of the dream here is usa; people are unreasonable in expecting things
Arranged marriage may last longer but many are not happy.
Tony, I think u must come to india and just find the truth.

Whatever u have said is not true. I agree there may be exception case, But many are happy living together till there death.

According to Hindu Methology, when we marry someone, we are tied with them for 7 birth
Madam kindly chk ur mail on this site, i had written everything about arriange marriage.
Have you ever been to the u.s? Im suprised at how many foreigners assume things about the states when they havent even visited here yet..
My opinion is divorce is becoming a world wide problem, not just one in the states.
The reason for this is too many temptations in the world and I blame the media for this anything goes attitude and selfishness.
Religion used to be one of the foundations to hold marriages and familys together but in todays world, too many people seem to be more interested in money and other things.
I personally think it is sad that the human race seems to be losing touch with what life should be like.
Ma'm its true that i have never been to ur country i.e US, But i have been to other country in Europe and i had seen there the same thing.

Ma'm I had taken out these % from Google

I am sorry if i had hurt u.
Hi Viveksinha..I'm not hurt..Just was wondering how you got the statistics on divorce world wide..I know divorce is pretty much around the world but I didnt know the statistics on the u.s. I will check google and see what you found..ok? thanks
Hi, I think its not fair to paint indian divorce rates in a all beautifull colours.Yes they have a low rates, because of a social stigma attached to it.
When you marry someone from a family choice, you have no other options, just to eccept.Thats how girls are raised there, obey to fathers and do not complain.
Yes they last but ask them, are they happy ? I do not believe all of them are ! Its not possible.
Divorce is low, because a woman cannot return home, its a shame for a family and many other more.
Madam I think India is a Democratic Country and not an ISLAMIC Country.

In India Every one have Right to Speak and Live. So i think u have never been to india.

I agree there may be some cases but u cannot blame on whole community for that
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