Polite With People

I simply love the Vodafone Delights tag line: "Isn't it nice when someone makes you feel special?"

I guess we all feel nice when we are given preferential treatment. So how about being someone else's reason of delight or even just giving them their due respect?

I am sure you have heard the quote, 'Do unto others, what you want others to do to you.' Be nice to people around you. Every time we interact with people, remember that a smile, a wink, a raised hand, a small pat on the back, a firm handshake... that's all it takes to show your appreciation. A lot of times we tend to believe that such small gestures don't make any difference. Think again and I am sure you will think otherwise.

I agree that while at work, it might be someone's duty to do a particular job and doesn't call for a 'thank you'. Yet, we should try to be polite with all those we interact. We should respect everyone and not look down upon anyone. As a team manager would agree, every team member is important in the team. Everyone in the team is like a piece of the jig-saw puzzle and the picture wouldn't be complete without each one of them. Just imagine a day when your maid wouldn't turn up, your office boy or the housekeeping guy is on leave.... the job they do isn't easy. So, respect that!

A lot of times, we may be facing the wrath of someone through no fault of our own. At times, with so much pressure, frustration, and despair all around us we tend to lose our temperament and shout, even abuse people for something they do which upsets us. Look around, the incidents of 'Road Rage' are on the increase. Any provocation and our emotions just erupt like a volcano. It does not get square if we vent out all our frustration on someone else.

Let me clarify that being polite doesn't mean being a soft rubber that anyone can tread over. If your team member is not doing what he is supposed to do and deserves a dressing down, the same should be done in private and not in an open forum. I strongly believe that being polite and giving respect is a sign of strength and not weakness.

Be strong, take charge of your emotions and channel your energy. I know, it's easier said than done.

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