(The Renaissance Era And The Creation Of An Idol god)
The word Renaissance means "RE BIRTH". During the time period of the Ottoman Turk Empire approx 1453A.D. The former descendants of the Roman Empire had "Re emerged' From the Caucasus Mountains into another empire known as the Ottoman Turks approx 1453A.D.
Before then Caucasian people had ruled all of the known world during the Roman empire. Rome was overthrown by a black Hebrew Israelite named Septimius Severus who was enlisted as a Roman General of the Roman Army approx 193 A.D.
Once Rome fell the Caucasian Romans who ruled the known world by evil means were taken and expelled into the Caucasus Mountain range located between the Black and Caspian Seas in South Georgia Russia. This is where the term Caucasian comes from.
This time frame was known as the Dark Ages, which is a time in history when Black Hebrew Israelites ruled parts of Europe for over one thousand years under the Byzantine empire from approx 227A.D. Until approx 1453A.D.
Once in the Caucasus Mountains the Caucasians "Re Emerged" into power as the Ottoman Turk empire which was located in modern day Turkey. It was the Ottoman Turks who defeated Constantine at the battle of Constantinople approx 1453A.D. Thus defeating the Byzantine empire and ushering in a new era called the Renaissance Era.
This is why the word Renaissance means 'RE BIRTH". It is the rebirth of the Caucasian people coming from a primitive 3rd world condition back into a ruling power in the earth. It was not billions of years ago when Caucasians dwelt in the Caves as cave men. It was only approx. 1,789 years ago. After the fall of Rome. The refugees of Rome fled into the Caucus Mountains and fell into a 3rd world way of living.
Let's eat...
Job 9:24(Kjv)
24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: -HE COVERETH THE FACES OF THE JUDGES THEREOF;-if not, where, and who is he?
(The Ottoman Turks Conquered land from Iraq all the way to North Africa and upwards into Europe. It was in Rome that a man named Rodrigo Borgia emerged into power as Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome. This man would go on to change the face of Christ until this day.
Caesar Borgia is the son of Pope Alexander. And Caesar Borgia is the painted Image that every Christian prays to and looks up to for guidance. But if you study the history behind the man that posed for the image of Christ, you will find out that Caesar Borgia was far from being a man who is to be worshiped and honored as the image for the Son of God.
Caeser Borgia's father PURPOSELY had his son's image painted in a contest between Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci for the best rendition of Caesar Borgia as Christ. Cesare's Father Rodrigo Borgia, who later became Pope Alexander VI, under the authority of the Catholic Church Elite, Petitioned for his son to be painted as Christ at approx 1492A.D.
Keep in mind that this man Cesare Borgia had sex with his own sister Lucrezia Borgia, and he killed his brother Giovanni Borgia in approx 1497A.D. This is the man whom the Catholic Church gave their consent to allowing his picture to be put up and portrayed as Christ to deceive the whole world to think Christ was Caucasian.
There is even a Showtime TV series that was made about this family called the Borgias which is the main picture in this post. The man hugging the blond haired woman on the left is supposed to Be Caesar Borgia and his own sister Lucrezia Borgia in his arms. Pope Alexander VI is in the middle.)
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