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Malhotra, European Misappropriation of Sanskrit led to the Aryan Race Theory, Huffington Post (2011).
The “Aryans” May Not Have Been White
December 26, 2012
tags: Aryan, Aryan race theory, Hitler, Indo-European, linguistics, Nazi ideology, Proto-Indo-European, racism, white supremacist
Adolf Hitler referred to white people as a superior “Aryan” race, and modern white supremacists follow his example. The term comes from the 1800’s, when European scholars realized—correctly—that most languages of Europe, Persia, and much of India have a common ancestor. A long-lost mother tongue gave rise to English, German, Gaelic, Greek, Latin, Russian, Farsi, Hindi, and the other “Indo-European” languages. The scholars called the lost people who spoke the mother tongue “Aryans” and reasoned that they must have conquered most of Europe, Persia, and India during prehistory. The scholars were white, and most Indo-European languages come from white societies. So they figured the Aryans must have been a mighty nation of white warriors, dominating weaker and darker races. That view of prehistory inspired Hitler and his ilk. But the scholars got the story wrong—in so many ways, including very possibly the Aryans’ color.
(Iran gets its name from Aryan because the people of Iran are the descendents of Japheth. Not Arabs or Caucasian people. Here is more proof.)
c. 1600, as a term in classical history, from Latin Arianus, Ariana, from Greek Aria, Areia, names applied in classical times to the eastern part of ancient Persia and to its inhabitants. Ancient Persians used the name in reference to themselves (Old Persian ariya-), hence Iran. Ultimately from Sanskrit arya- "compatriot;" in later language "noble, of good family."
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