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faith in god5,74529Jun 2016Aug 32 hrs ago
life and work9904Nov 2016Apr 52 hrs ago
god and life5059Dec 2016Dec 2016Aug 13
money and jobs1,00636Jun 2016Jun 20167 hrs ago
Muslims9,166315Jun 2016Jun 20163 hrs ago
debt and mental health74717Feb 2016Feb 2016Aug 9
life9487Nov 2015Nov 2015Aug 3
nct52516Oct 2015Oct 2015Aug 10
car insurance6849Sep 2015Sep 2015Aug 14
which accent do you find sexy3,28743Apr 2015Aug 2015Aug 12
Karen Buckley7819Apr 2015Apr 2015Jul 23
thank you people on here who give me good advice1982Apr 2015Apr 2015Aug 2
bipolor and addiction3997Apr 2015Apr 2015Jul 13
god39712Apr 2015Apr 2015Aug 6
what you like watch on tv84221Mar 2015Mar 2015Aug 14
hi1,56548Oct 2014Oct 20146 hrs ago
mental health1,78948Sep 2014Oct 201420 hrs ago
drugs3,993143Aug 2014Sep 20147 hrs ago
hope1,66443Aug 2014Aug 2014Aug 11
one nite stand or friends with extra1,89552Sep 2013Oct 201323 hrs ago
drugs1,07521Sep 2013Oct 2013Jul 24
euro million winners2853Sep 2013Sep 2013Aug 13
affairs3896Sep 2013Sep 2013Jul 13
life74514Jun 2013Sep 2013Aug 10
addiction52711Aug 2013Aug 2013Aug 9
are looks imporant to ladys or money68111Apr 2013Jun 2013Aug 5
nct3463Jun 2013Jun 2013Jul 13
money or winning lottery4914Jun 2013Jun 2013Aug 13
would most women sleep with famous guy on first nite beacuse of fame and money1,13422Apr 2013Apr 2013Aug 13
stagparty and english women76111Dec 2011Mar 2012Aug 5
death1,74828Mar 2012Mar 2012Aug 8
irish women1,67623Mar 2012Mar 201219 hrs ago
mental health5028Mar 2012Mar 2012Jul 31
would women go with guys that rich or famous3476Mar 2012Mar 2012Jul 13
were would like to travel if you had the money1,21939Feb 2012Feb 20123 hrs ago
we live in unfair world7089Feb 2012Feb 201215 hrs ago
looks65611Feb 2012Feb 2012Jul 13
one nite stands4604Feb 2012Feb 2012Aug 1
jobs1,14424Feb 2012Feb 2012Jul 19
famous people and money86933Feb 2012Feb 2012Aug 6
is ireland a kip3913Feb 2012Feb 2012Aug 7
which accent or voice do you find sexy1,97035Dec 2011Feb 2012Aug 13

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