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faith in god4,71421Jun 2016Nov 1415 hrs ago
god and life4779Dec 2016Dec 2016Jan 2
life and work8152Nov 2016Nov 201615 hrs ago
money and jobs95636Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 12
Muslims8,898315Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 15
debt and mental health71617Feb 2016Feb 2016Jan 14
life9177Nov 2015Nov 2015Jan 14
nct47716Oct 2015Oct 2015Jan 9
car insurance6539Sep 2015Sep 2015Jan 12
which accent do you find sexy3,10243Apr 2015Aug 201524 hrs ago
Karen Buckley7609Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 10
thank you people on here who give me good advice1822Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 8
bipolor and addiction3797Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 9
god38012Apr 2015Apr 2015Dec 27
what you like watch on tv76621Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 15
hi1,48148Oct 2014Oct 2014Jan 12
mental health1,70048Sep 2014Oct 2014Jan 13
drugs3,780143Aug 2014Sep 201413 hrs ago
hope1,56943Aug 2014Aug 2014Jan 14
one nite stand or friends with extra1,84552Sep 2013Oct 2013Jan 8
drugs1,03721Sep 2013Oct 201314 hrs ago
euro million winners2633Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 12
affairs3756Sep 2013Sep 2013Jan 2
life72014Jun 2013Sep 2013Jan 10
addiction51311Aug 2013Aug 2013Jan 17
are looks imporant to ladys or money66011Apr 2013Jun 2013Jan 15
nct3333Jun 2013Jun 2013Jan 7
money or winning lottery4754Jun 2013Jun 2013Jan 13
would most women sleep with famous guy on first nite beacuse of fame and money1,09822Apr 2013Apr 201315 hrs ago
stagparty and english women75111Dec 2011Mar 2012Jan 12
death1,67928Mar 2012Mar 201222 hrs ago
irish women1,61423Mar 2012Mar 201219 hrs ago
mental health4878Mar 2012Mar 2012Jan 8
would women go with guys that rich or famous3396Mar 2012Mar 2012Jan 8
were would like to travel if you had the money1,19039Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 12
we live in unfair world6969Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 9
looks64011Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 15
one nite stands4454Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 9
jobs1,12124Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 14
famous people and money84933Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 10
is ireland a kip3803Feb 2012Feb 2012Jan 13
which accent or voice do you find sexy1,89635Dec 2011Feb 2012Jan 12

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