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Canada, and being Canadian15,019190May 2010May 1111 hrs ago
Time1,73234Mar 2020Apr 2020Nov 26
... .- -.-- / .- -. -.-- - .... .. -. --. / .--. .- .-. - / ..--- ---.. .-.-.- --... .....3,65955Jul 2015Jan 2020Nov 22
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day6782Jan 2016Jan 20166 hrs ago
R.I.P. Lemmy1,1706Dec 2015Dec 2015Nov 22
Urban Death Project1,40621Jul 2015Jul 2015Nov 25
Post a snog thread #1 :P7,461227May 2015Jun 20152 hrs ago
Charlie Hebdo...continued....2,25021Jan 2015Apr 201516 hrs ago
Reeling in the years......1,71929Feb 2015Feb 2015Nov 20
Music thread...whatever you like. :D4,47875Sep 2014Dec 2014Nov 22
What's on your mind, part 19.75. :P37,357749Mar 2014May 20142 hrs ago
What's on your mind..part 1837,264765Jan 2014Mar 201422 hrs ago
What's your excuse?13,429305Jan 2012Jan 2012Nov 22
For all the Wordy people, where do they all come from.25,553983Jul 2010Jul 201117 hrs ago
Thank you2,40742Aug 2010Apr 2011Nov 20
Say something about something, or anything. :)24,975900Dec 2010Dec 20104 hrs ago
Strange or unusual things about where you live.4,25383Jun 2008Jan 2010Nov 23
Trust2,61141Nov 2009Jan 20102 hrs ago
Merry Christmas6716Dec 2008Dec 2008Nov 5
Perspectives1,77128Dec 2008Dec 2008Nov 22
Weather2,94869Oct 2008Dec 2008Nov 24
Weather2,34020Oct 2008Dec 2008Nov 16
Weather2,44546Oct 2008Oct 2008Nov 22
What would you bring to a potluck?6,253159Jul 2008Aug 2008Nov 27
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV!!!!!!!!2,00628Mar 2008Mar 2008Nov 26
What do you drive?4,33853Mar 2007Jan 2008Nov 23
It had to happen2,82325Oct 2007Nov 20073 hrs ago
Ever been in the doghouse?2,50529Apr 2007Sep 2007Nov 18
Love it or Leave it9,360226May 2007Aug 2007Nov 22
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5,54095Jun 2007Jun 200710 hrs ago

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