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silence1,3274Jan 2016Mar 1711 hrs ago
commandments41919Oct 2017Oct 2017Oct 14
sex on tap1,27727Aug 2017Sep 2017Oct 15
the Lord is the strength of my life--Psalm 27:12044Aug 2017Aug 201714 hrs ago
Gatlin is king2234Aug 2017Aug 20175 hrs ago
a big mistake67824Aug 2017Aug 20175 hrs ago
what is going on?3125Jul 2017Jul 2017Oct 16
worry2295Jul 2017Jul 2017Oct 15
wonder drug7394Oct 2011Jul 2017Oct 9
douwant2cry?2392May 2017May 2017Oct 6
words at their best21713May 2017May 2017Oct 14
thank God again51625Apr 2017Apr 2017Oct 15
words at their best35413Feb 2017Feb 2017Oct 14
memories3,4152Sep 2016Jan 2017Oct 15
james bum1840Jan 2017Jan 2017Oct 10
friends77213Nov 2016Nov 201634 mins ago
twice as hard1,0604Nov 2016Nov 2016Oct 10
nice6210Nov 2016Nov 2016Oct 11
enemies8390Oct 2016Oct 2016Oct 8
50up12,9927Sep 2016Oct 2016Oct 12
WORDS AT THEIR BEST2895Oct 2016Oct 2016Oct 16
facts ... joke or fiction2220Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 18
how long is your wire?1,79422Feb 2013Sep 2016Oct 15
if4105Aug 2016Aug 2016Oct 7
what do you want ?4,42610Apr 2016Jun 201617 hrs ago
now you hit my tail1,4642Feb 2016Mar 2016Oct 10
tears78013Jan 2016Jan 2016Oct 15
silence4450Jan 2016Jan 2016Sep 25
things we should know9493Dec 2015Dec 2015Oct 13
PISSED?1,10511Aug 2015Dec 2015Oct 11
so they say5101Sep 2015Sep 2015Oct 16
easy and gentle3490Sep 2015Sep 2015Oct 9
i can see6322Aug 2015Aug 2015Oct 16
from the beginning5935Jul 2015Aug 2015Oct 4
it's the law1,07136Jul 2015Jul 201516 hrs ago
don't leave home without it8972Jul 2015Jul 2015Oct 12
when was it ?3596Jul 2015Jul 2015Oct 7
some news3141Jun 2015Jun 2015Oct 11
one for the girls4445May 2015May 2015Oct 4
do you want to cry ?1,25220Apr 2015Apr 201520 hrs ago
oil and sperm2,12322Jan 2015Mar 2015Oct 16
i tell you5021Mar 2015Mar 201522 hrs ago

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