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commandments30819Oct 28Oct 3010 hrs ago
sex on tap66827Aug 24Sep 419 hrs ago
the Lord is the strength of my life--Psalm 27:11544Aug 9Aug 10Jan 12
Gatlin is king1464Aug 9Aug 922 hrs ago
a big mistake48924Aug 3Aug 921 hrs ago
what is going on?2565Jul 14Jul 24Jan 17
worry1625Jul 14Jul 20Jan 10
wonder drug6684Oct 2011Jul 1724 hrs ago
douwant2cry?1822May 29May 29Jan 14
words at their best13713May 25May 27Jan 10
thank God again38625Apr 2017Apr 201718 hrs ago
words at their best27413Feb 2017Feb 2017Jan 12
memories3,3302Sep 2016Jan 2017just now
james bum1510Jan 2017Jan 2017Jan 5
friends72113Nov 2016Nov 2016Jan 16
twice as hard9894Nov 2016Nov 2016Jan 13
nice5890Nov 2016Nov 2016Jan 15
enemies8060Oct 2016Oct 2016Jan 12
50up12,8917Sep 2016Oct 2016just now
WORDS AT THEIR BEST2575Oct 2016Oct 2016Jan 10
facts ... joke or fiction2030Sep 2016Sep 2016Jan 10
how long is your wire?1,71222Feb 2013Sep 2016Jan 15
if3815Aug 2016Aug 2016Jan 15
what do you want ?4,35910Apr 2016Jun 2016Jan 16
now you hit my tail1,3902Feb 2016Mar 2016Jan 13
silence9563Jan 2016Jan 201612 hrs ago
tears72813Jan 2016Jan 2016Jan 11
silence4280Jan 2016Jan 2016Jan 12
things we should know8983Dec 2015Dec 2015Jan 15
PISSED?1,06311Aug 2015Dec 2015Jan 13
so they say4821Sep 2015Sep 2015Jan 10
easy and gentle3230Sep 2015Sep 2015Jan 10
i can see5912Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 12
from the beginning5565Jul 2015Aug 2015Jan 10
it's the law1,00336Jul 2015Jul 2015Jan 10
don't leave home without it8612Jul 2015Jul 2015Jan 12
when was it ?3226Jul 2015Jul 2015Jan 10
some news2781Jun 2015Jun 2015Dec 28
one for the girls4025May 2015May 2015Jan 11
do you want to cry ?1,19920Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 14
oil and sperm2,05022Jan 2015Mar 201515 hrs ago
i tell you4721Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 15

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