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What is the language of love?7246Dec 2021Jul 620 hrs ago
How many European women...5912Dec 20Jun 7Aug 15
Is it still a thing?3554Dec 21Feb 7Aug 15
Do you kiss on a first date?2,485137Nov 2021Dec 276 hrs ago
Nollaig shona dhuit!3283Dec 23Dec 26Aug 16
Product of Zionism is...1,670129Dec 2021Dec 23Aug 14
Ruin a movie title by..2,240168Jul 2021Dec 1818 hrs ago
Sometimes he's funny..:)71025Dec 2021Dec 2021Aug 13
Why boycott?1,72888Nov 2021Dec 202111 hrs ago
Do you get you get the news daily?48739Dec 2021Dec 2021Aug 5
True Patriots..1,25357Dec 2021Dec 2021Aug 15
Biden and Covid...1,17076Nov 2021Dec 2021Aug 9
The American Tourist1630Dec 2021Dec 2021Aug 13
Today is #230912Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 16
Lets not take it too serious1,34866Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 15
On this day...46129Nov 2021Nov 202116 hrs ago
Islamic State68427Nov 2021Nov 202129 mins ago
Today is...64438Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 16
Mikeys post..85234Aug 2021Nov 2021Aug 17
Who knows this fellow?72240Nov 2021Nov 202118 hrs ago
Jimmy cracked it..63639Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 14
If your ex was..83132Nov 2021Nov 20217 hrs ago
I miss the nice women5,412251Nov 2021Nov 202117 hrs ago
Hump day in the south1,422131Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 16
If music be the food of love, play on46626Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 14
The Tennessee Donkey seller45217Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 8
New Female Members1,43354Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 14
Restyling oneself..2438Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 15
Wearing a poppy3,262202Nov 2021Nov 202113 hrs ago
The book club on CS83447Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 10
Name something you will never do again..1,32966Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 16
Seems legit..1,16550Oct 2021Nov 2021Aug 15
Why not have another?1,03043Nov 2021Nov 202111 hrs ago
Do you recycle?95948Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 6
Redemption2774Nov 2021Nov 20213 hrs ago
Do you suffer...1,16166Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 15
Kevin Barry33613Nov 2021Nov 202111 hrs ago
Acts of kindness99352Oct 2021Oct 20215 hrs ago
Black History Month75926Oct 2021Oct 202111 hrs ago
Are boycotts a legitimate form of protest?3,969203Oct 2021Oct 2021Aug 17
Marriage63820Oct 2021Oct 2021Aug 16
Che and Maureen50616Oct 2021Oct 202110 hrs ago

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