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You should drink them both so your girlfriend looks better5627 hrs ago4 hrs ago25 mins ago
A Different Perspective19410Jun 257 hrs ago21 mins ago
Daily Chuckle ...9,744565Dec 29 hrs ago57 mins ago
The USA put men on the moon 50 years ago. Why can’t other countries do it too?53336Jul 16Jul 195 hrs ago
Deja Vu — massive electric power outage hits new york city again41527Jul 13Jul 191 hrs ago
Is it rude to answer a question with a question?23721Jul 11Jul 193 hrs ago
The Spy Who Shagged Me. A floater853Jul 17Jul 196 hrs ago
Compound Words20,0691,768Oct 2018Jul 1835 mins ago
Red Forman on U.S. Government642Jul 18Jul 181 hrs ago
Is It OK to have sex with someone else outside of Marriage?69049Jul 15Jul 181 hrs ago
Hodge Twins on POTUS Trump criticizing four progressive democrat congresswomen ...1354Jul 16Jul 172 hrs ago
Blade Runner in 10 Minutes440Jul 16Jul 164 hrs ago
Dating Subject: How to Kiss a Woman59440Jul 12Jul 164 hrs ago
Dating Subject 2: favorite question you ask on a first date59647Jul 13Jul 152 hrs ago
Dating Subject 3: How do you get out of the friend zone?27120Jul 15Jul 1552 mins ago
Do you have Neanderthal DNA ?1445Jul 12Jul 1323 hrs ago
Who do you love — with one scotch and a six pack of beer1024Jul 12Jul 138 hrs ago
Kong Rescues Ann!630Jul 12Jul 129 hrs ago
Quick Draw Barney Fife781Jul 12Jul 1210 hrs ago
Is it true that 80% of women are against marriage with men?32416Jul 8Jul 1121 hrs ago
I vote for Electric Vehicles for All! When are you going all Electric too?19815Jul 8Jul 111 hrs ago
Is it Monica Bellucci Month ?1428Jul 8Jul 101 hrs ago
Quickest way to start a fight in a bar in Australia962Jul 9Jul 92 hrs ago
Which CS member does this movie star look like?77738Jul 8Jul 92 hrs ago
When I invite a woman to dinner, she has to ..... ?1366Jul 9Jul 9Jul 19
Is Harrison Ford’s romantic behavior in the movie Blade Runner acceptable in 2019 ?1857Jul 8Jul 91 hrs ago
RIP Alfred E Nueman20013Jul 5Jul 87 hrs ago
Jazz yeah... ain’t got no, I got life882Jul 4Jul 71 hrs ago
Get Jazzed in the Morning. My alarm wakes me to Jazz every morning.1064Jul 1Jul 520 hrs ago
Best Female Guitar player24813Jul 3Jul 51 hrs ago
One Small Step For Man ..... One Giant Leap For Mankind38419Jun 30Jul 44 hrs ago
DUEL ... Zappa & Vai1598Jul 2Jul 4Jul 17
Love can build a bridge ....1136Jul 3Jul 41 hrs ago
Would you like me too seduce you?42918Jul 1Jul 37 hrs ago
Call Me!1948Jul 2Jul 224 hrs ago
I Speak Blonde1684Jun 30Jul 13 hrs ago
Royal Jesters1302Jun 30Jul 1Jul 20
Which Temperature do you set your home thermostat to cool? F / C23616Jun 23Jun 30Jul 19
What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day From Great Britain this 4th of July?88951Jun 28Jun 305 hrs ago
Nancy Pelosi Impersonation23519May 17Jun 2915 hrs ago
Is there an easy way to send a movie file whole over the internet if its file size is > 1.5 GB ?1494Jun 28Jun 29Jul 19
Ohio Players711Jun 27Jun 28Jul 15

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