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I put my stick out27915Apr 163 hrs ago52 mins ago
What place do you want to be in your current or future relationship?3493119 hrs ago4 hrs ago42 mins ago
Double Standards: Violence is Violence11217Apr 205 hrs ago1 hrs ago
“What’s the sense of wrestling with a pig? You both get all over muddy . . . and the pig likes it.'”24910Mar 286 hrs ago34 mins ago
I saw a movie today about a real POS..... Chappaquiddick546Apr 198 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Under eminent domain, when CS is absorbed by the United States Marine Corp:1,06069Apr 16Apr 2010 mins ago
Does any first-world country feed stray cats and dogs to its homeless people?180Apr 20Apr 2015 hrs ago
What drink is an iPhone charger?672Apr 19Apr 1913 mins ago
Do you know why witches can’t have babies?1608Apr 18Apr 1912 hrs ago
Do you know why Gypsies can’t have babies?630Apr 18Apr 182 hrs ago
Is it true that a portrait of POTUS Donald Trump is hung in the outhouse of every Russian’s Home?22616Apr 17Apr 188 hrs ago
Pharmacy voice message for men living on the islands off the West Coast of Europe.500Apr 18Apr 1817 hrs ago
Which swear words go over the line at work?564Apr 17Apr 183 hrs ago
How does religion fit into the Big Bang theory, Siddhartha and How I met your mother?843Apr 9Apr 1815 hrs ago
Do you believe in Tipping ?11011Apr 15Apr 162 hrs ago
FAREWELL TO ENGLAND — Jolly 'OL England48143Apr 9Apr 1615 hrs ago
Is the concept of a one-child and two-child family policy upsetting to anyone else?1,05563Apr 4Apr 16Apr 19
“China 'environment census' reveals 50% rise in pollution sources”601Apr 14Apr 158 hrs ago
Hill Aries Memoirs755Apr 14Apr 1515 hrs ago
Humor .... Not Politically Correct13713Apr 8Apr 1515 hrs ago
Do you conceal carry?14412Apr 8Apr 15Apr 19
Isle Of Dogs653Apr 14Apr 159 hrs ago
Can Islamic radicals be Americanized?1068Apr 9Apr 1415 hrs ago
Two wheeling — Spain’s Best471Apr 13Apr 1315 hrs ago
Tilted Heads51729Mar 20Apr 13Apr 20
Are there any hypocrites here who is either pro-death penalty or anti-multiculturalism?3177Apr 4Apr 1013 hrs ago
Is Muhammad Ali a hero or a coward1324Mar 25Apr 1015 hrs ago
Terminal Illness67641Mar 31Apr 103 hrs ago
When it rains it pours !792Apr 8Apr 1040 mins ago
First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming?33723Apr 1Apr 108 hrs ago
Are We Privileged?622Apr 8Apr 921 hrs ago
Can you name 10 reasons why a lot of people don’t like social media?44225Apr 1Apr 8Apr 19
What’s Your Marital Status on CS?48829Apr 3Apr 7Apr 19
What do people remember the most about you after they first meet you?1,474106Apr 1Apr 62 hrs ago
How much are you paying for Diesel fuel at the pump where you live?29726Mar 28Apr 520 hrs ago
How soon after you’re hit by a Chinese satellite are you hungry again?40338Mar 29Apr 412 hrs ago
Can you name a bet others will take but you can’t lose?1497Apr 2Apr 3Apr 19
A Challenge58162Mar 31Apr 2Apr 17
Do you know who originated the “yo mama” joke? It’s one of these 10.1016Apr 2Apr 2Apr 16
What are 10 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Finances and Enrich Your Life18117Mar 30Apr 2Apr 20
Morning World! 10 Top 10 Partner Exercises560Apr 2Apr 23 hrs ago
Why and When did citizens of the continental USA start dressing casually?773Apr 1Apr 1Apr 19

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