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Give me some Lip134159 hrs ago1 hrs ago7 mins ago
Expectations: do women today (any age) still expect much romance in their relationships?52140Jul 145 hrs ago4 mins ago
This Town Needs An Enema ! HaHaHa ... Prince1278Jul 1515 hrs ago59 mins ago
It’s Your Voodoo Working795Jul 15Jul 157 hrs ago
Fish has legs.... Somebody’s Always Trying ....591Jul 14Jul 144 hrs ago
Back to Black (w/beehive, tats and cat eyes)1014Jul 12Jul 133 hrs ago
Let’s hear it for Nookie!1374Jul 11Jul 121 hrs ago
A man is washing his car with his son.1213Jul 11Jul 112 hrs ago
If the Government says you don’t need something......54046Jul 6Jul 114 hrs ago
Where, When and Who1326Jul 10Jul 1111 hrs ago
Guess What These Delicious Babies Are90670Jul 7Jul 106 hrs ago
Come here lookin......952Jul 10Jul 103 hrs ago
Independence Day USA 201851935Jul 3Jul 7Jul 15
A clown held open a door for me.1719Jul 6Jul 722 hrs ago
Is Muhammad Ali a hero or a coward55923Mar 25Jul 68 hrs ago
Can You Dig It !1094Jul 5Jul 63 hrs ago
I’m hoping that a rich, ugly, smart & 93+ year-old woman with nice feet will fall in love with me!64040Jun 23Jul 3Jul 14
The Rest Room:1476Jul 2Jul 35 hrs ago
How do You like Your marshmallow41231Jun 8Jul 24 hrs ago
Does anyone else fear that a duck is watching you?1,06970May 17Jul 16 hrs ago
Post a Song with a U.S. State in its Title.76568Jun 20Jul 12 hrs ago
Where is God when a 100 km asteroid strikes earth and all life on the surface of the earth dies?38625May 16Jul 11 hrs ago
Science Vs Religion: will science eventually prove or disprove religion?3,337163May 29Jul 19 hrs ago
Do women see men differently when conception is likely ?27721Jun 30Jul 1Jul 14
In case CS blows up1375Jun 30Jun 308 hrs ago
What would you rather have today: a baby or a puppy?45018Apr 22Jun 3013 hrs ago
Where did you meet your last or current Sugarpie?71431Feb 24Jun 3015 hrs ago
Elton John Does Not Own A Phone ?!1084Jun 27Jun 30Jul 15
I woke up this morning and asked, “hey, Siri, good morning, what’s the weather forecast today?923Jun 30Jun 30Jul 13
Guess Who When and Where ! Earn extra CS bit credits! Try today!1286Jun 29Jun 30Jul 13
What’s Your Marital Status on CS?73235Apr 3Jun 293 hrs ago
Who Makes The Best Lover75346May 28Jun 29Jul 14
Present Day On-Screen Lovers46125Mar 2Jun 295 hrs ago
Seven Headed Snake ..... found, the end is near27318Jun 27Jun 29Jul 14
J.W. at Château de Fontainebleau I A Take Away Show710Jun 26Jun 264 hrs ago
For men who’d like a laugh and the women with a good sense of humor!1715Jun 21Jun 2615 hrs ago
If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?84057Jun 16Jun 26Jul 15
Let It Be1523Jun 24Jun 2416 hrs ago
Who Am I ?17412Jun 24Jun 24Jul 14
Happy Birthday Snookums!1,01172Jun 20Jun 228 hrs ago
PBJ Time33122Jun 17Jun 2135 mins ago
Did you hear about the math teacher who’s afraid of negative numbers?1553Jun 19Jun 20Jul 15

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