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Compound Words49,3273,808Oct 20182 hrs ago47 mins ago
Daily Chuckle ...41,8061,923Dec 20182 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What does it mean when a married woman tells her girlfriends that ....198199 hrs ago6 hrs ago54 mins ago
F Bombs40424Jul 910 hrs ago48 mins ago
Will Santa clause survive Coronavirus ?17711Jul 8Jul 94 hrs ago
I’m all about that bass58133Apr 26Jul 913 hrs ago
Women protest for their lives: Fighting femicide in Latin America1735Jul 8Jul 911 mins ago
Who are these people?26314Jul 6Jul 84 hrs ago
How to Fight and Argue37414Jun 27Jul 6Jul 9
Anyone want my heart?1,29053Jun 25Jul 414 hrs ago
I am offended !57822Jun 29Jul 31 hrs ago
Are you lonely tonight2763Jul 2Jul 37 hrs ago
.5 percent of the male population in the world today are Genghis Kahn's descendants1,34726Jun 29Jul 22 hrs ago
Deckard’s and Rachel’s daughter the Memory Maker821Jul 1Jul 114 hrs ago
How Italian cops Have handled Antifa1,256102Jun 9Jun 2920 hrs ago
Where do all you Europeans get the American Flags that you sleep under every night ?49734Jun 18Jun 293 hrs ago
Rape Murder, It’s just a shot away!2456Jun 19Jun 27Jul 10
Hot Rods and Motorcycles4,730316Dec 11Jun 24Jul 10
Two Step1454Jun 23Jun 24Jul 10
Why do some threads require login before before you can view them and others don’t ?1,11663Jun 16Jun 223 hrs ago
What is your favorite mixed drink(s)61341Jun 18Jun 22Jul 10
Truck drivers don”t want to deliver their loads to cities where police are defunded.78045Jun 16Jun 2111 hrs ago
Last thre letters start the next word10,5281,126Feb 5Jun 2110 hrs ago
Has anyone used the wrong name during an intimate moment?1,04664Jun 12Jun 166 hrs ago
Why is it so hard for a for a futurist to like a gift41314Jun 12Jun 138 hrs ago
The Devil was once an Angel.34521Jun 10Jun 121 hrs ago
What has been the biggest threat in 2020 ?82447May 14Jun 109 hrs ago
What’s the longest very First conversation you’ve had on the phone with someone you’ve never met?92538May 31Jun 912 hrs ago
How many CS members have to work for a living?38628Jun 8Jun 81 hrs ago
D-Day ... remembered52035Jun 5Jun 711 hrs ago
See if you can guess what I am now2257Jun 1Jun 55 hrs ago
Ken you explain this? Maybe only CS members from Australia can....62923May 26Jun 517 hrs ago
One of the best opening credit scenes1745Jun 1Jun 415 hrs ago
Baghdad1533Jun 3Jun 4Jul 8
Let’s dance the twist2004Dec 8Jun 3Jul 8
Where are your eyes or eye when you are on a date?52932May 28Jun 1Jul 9
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes1638May 29May 31Jul 10
Happy Halloween1797May 25May 2717 hrs ago
A Place To Post Your Family Photos31215May 12May 27Jul 9
French solve social distancing issue for beaches34314May 24May 2611 hrs ago
Indian dude imitates Chinese comedian dude1251May 25May 2510 hrs ago
Where am I from?82635May 15May 232 hrs ago

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