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Do you have MonkeyPox yet? Cases showing up in US and Europe. Looks nasty.40837May 212 hrs ago12 mins ago
Is someone being blackmailed?1503 hrs ago3 hrs ago23 mins ago
The Last Hope For Humanity !462May 223 hrs ago1 hrs ago
77 Years Ago today, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Married on the Most Famous Farm in USA In Ohio1619May 214 hrs ago2 hrs ago
CS Juke Box 20224,299242Jan 15 hrs ago44 mins ago
Say Hello To Mr Choo Choo1058May 226 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Compound Words83,6094,846Oct 201817 hrs ago12 mins ago
Last thre letters start the next word36,8272,769Feb 202020 hrs ago1 hrs ago
1980’s Music ….. Check it out4,063211Jun 202121 hrs ago2 mins ago
The Last Hope For Humanity !761May 2224 hrs ago10 hrs ago
How do you see others1,41262May 17May 221 hrs ago
Daily Chuckle ...107,8143,765Dec 2018May 22just now
FLASH! Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck perform John Lennon's song titled Isolation601May 21May 212 hrs ago
FLASH! Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck perform John Lennon's song titled Isolation181May 21May 2116 hrs ago
Are YOU Religious ?51125May 14May 214 hrs ago
Hot Rods and Motorcycles17,155716Dec 2019May 191 hrs ago
It's been about 492 days since Build Back Better Began!75034May 13May 1917 hrs ago
Who else is watching 50 first dates ?1565May 14May 155 hrs ago
Why are rich british people fat?38713Jan 14May 1417 hrs ago
Would you buy a used arse from Boris Johnson?1403Feb 2May 14May 22
Which antagonistic song did Robby Krieger write for TSA Women?810May 13May 137 hrs ago
How To Speak Bidenese1474May 12May 132 hrs ago
They Say You Can Never Go Hungry On A Beach850May 13May 139 mins ago
Which Real Women on CS Would Like To Sing this Song To My Ugly Self?2344May 10May 112 hrs ago
A Day In The Life Of1251May 11May 11May 21
Today would be Sophia Magdalena Scholl's 101 birthday.1805May 9May 10May 22
What makes Putin laugh ?71831Mar 4May 76 hrs ago
What happens when you die.... according to N deG Tyson46319Apr 12May 63 hrs ago
Is the New World Order real in Australia1,26937Sep 2021May 6May 21
HELLO EUROPE! China is building ~300 nuclear missiles silos with 10 warheads each on its West border2,006121Apr 23May 410 hrs ago
All the right junk in all the right places2353Mar 20May 234 mins ago
Is law and order still a big concern in Sweden!23812Apr 26Apr 288 hrs ago
Whom is your favorite Swede?52726Apr 19Apr 28May 22
Are you Woke or Awake1672Apr 26Apr 2617 hrs ago
Are we allowed to post photos of uniform failures?2519Apr 22Apr 24May 22
Easter Bunny rescues Joe Biden33822Apr 19Apr 243 hrs ago
Where have all the fun intellectual and obnoxious forum people gone?1,37636Apr 13Apr 2315 hrs ago
Have you seen the Irreversible?1070Apr 22Apr 2210 hrs ago
War Proxy1709Apr 21Apr 22May 22
does biden want to release all terrorist from guantanamo bay701Apr 19Apr 20May 21
In this big universe how intelligent are humans?1,16574Apr 9Apr 191 hrs ago
Albert Einstein dies at 76 .....1410Apr 18Apr 18May 20

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