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Blues3068Apr 84 mins ago3 mins ago
Palestinians Ramp Up Incitement to Murder Jews2,705205May 117 mins ago4 mins ago
Should game threads be in their own international forum separate from THE International forum ?107521 hrs ago9 mins ago7 mins ago
Daily Chuckle ...76,8463,013Dec 20181 hrs ago52 mins ago
Compound Words66,4464,443Oct 20187 hrs ago3 hrs ago
CS Juke Box 20211,485126Apr 2512 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Last thre letters start the next word18,6211,582Feb 202013 hrs ago14 mins ago
Who is the CS Pooter ?36810May 1414 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent1,15762May 819 hrs ago8 hrs ago
Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.1,45463May 2May 163 hrs ago
What is the cost for transportation fuel where you live.94661May 11May 149 hrs ago
Shity and Shady people22813May 14May 144 hrs ago
WooHoo ...1001May 14May 142 hrs ago
CAPITALISM VS. SOCIALISM SONG15911May 13May 135 hrs ago
From Energy Independence for the first time in a long time1285May 12May 124 hrs ago
She likes me. So, so do I2074Apr 19May 11May 16
Hot Rods and Motorcycles10,957513Dec 2019May 1111 hrs ago
It’s a T in the Park Amy Winehouse Weekend20716Apr 17May 1116 hrs ago
Is This Love2117May 9May 10May 16
Do Islanders appreciate Good OL Southern USA Humor?1043May 9May 9May 15
What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?59828May 5May 823 hrs ago
The year 2022 is near!1233May 8May 86 hrs ago
The most dangerous animal in the world is81227Apr 7May 8May 16
Any movie that is a Ten (10)1,31771Apr 22May 77 hrs ago
What category of truths shape your understanding of your world more2057May 6May 714 hrs ago
What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.2,293130Apr 30May 5May 15
What country do I live in given.....2339Apr 30Apr 30May 15
Is there anything men do that women hate?1,04040Apr 28Apr 30May 14
My Italian Family catered The Last Supper ... Another Thought Provoking Thread34214Apr 28Apr 29May 14
Experienced VPNers Wanted30611Apr 24Apr 29May 14
Do you have favorite dress socks1081Apr 24Apr 2414 hrs ago
Time to bring in my empty solid waste and recycle dumpsters from the alley.1634Apr 21Apr 2224 hrs ago
Ubuntu1,10238Mar 31Apr 21May 16
Good Cops38027Apr 20Apr 2114 hrs ago
The Candy Man Can (not a thread for whiners, abusersor losers)43932Apr 20Apr 219 hrs ago
Happy Belated Easter Everyone !37831Apr 19Apr 2011 hrs ago
Heartbreaking .... Helen McCrory gone at only 5232215Apr 16Apr 19May 15
Have you ever had a fling or affair with a married politician53029Apr 11Apr 1920 hrs ago
I identify with89327Apr 6Apr 1823 hrs ago
Fear Sells ....2428Apr 13Apr 18May 16
Hail to the Victors!17713Apr 17Apr 179 hrs ago

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