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The earth may be Round but the Universe is Flat27426Apr 18just nowjust now
If A Woman Is A Lady Can She Be Smarter Than A Man ?59218 hrs ago2 hrs ago21 mins ago
What kind of training can you get that enables just anyone to tell someone else how the other feels18216Apr 173 hrs ago13 mins ago
Compound Words14,4011,486Oct 86 hrs ago8 mins ago
Food Weapons .... according to sophuckingoode26014 hrs ago14 hrs ago44 mins ago
The way to a man’s heart43248Apr 2420 hrs ago26 mins ago
Why cant i find an internet service site that will stream the 2016 German movie 24 Wochen735Apr 1822 hrs ago2 hrs ago
The Woman Who Refused To Kiss Elvis Presley!632Apr 23Apr 238 hrs ago
Male Carhops WANTD to work Columbus, Ohio and Dallas, Texas USA!1093Apr 16Apr 235 hrs ago
Who am I ?542Apr 23Apr 238 hrs ago
Where am I ?330Apr 23Apr 238 hrs ago
Borrow Borrow581Apr 23Apr 2326 mins ago
What was your first meal?27930Apr 19Apr 222 hrs ago
I think everyone on cs speaks Jive21122Apr 21Apr 222 hrs ago
What Is Your Country Famous For?1,176106Apr 20Apr 226 hrs ago
Daily Chuckle ...4,644258Dec 2Apr 224 hrs ago
SUP With Your Cell Phone?857Apr 21Apr 227 hrs ago
Do You Like Beethoven?1137Apr 21Apr 2214 hrs ago
Happy Easter Everyone! Ever wonder how easter eggs are made?762Apr 17Apr 219 hrs ago
What is going on in Paris France EU... Cathedral of Notre Dame On Fire1,22578Apr 15Apr 2018 hrs ago
How many countries besides the USA and Canada have two-story outhouses?22313Apr 16Apr 209 hrs ago
Guess what organization and single person own the most lands in the world.....700Apr 19Apr 1956 mins ago
Reparations for slavery in the Americas ... Has it already been paid?44250Apr 8Apr 197 hrs ago
Do you like Kipling?1569Apr 10Apr 1816 hrs ago
Choosing a wife24218Apr 16Apr 171 hrs ago
Unexplored 550 pound U.S. bomb from WWII recently detonated in Frankfurt, Germany20117Apr 15Apr 17Apr 23
Who Am I ?1083Apr 16Apr 173 hrs ago
HELLBOY Is Back17712Apr 12Apr 163 hrs ago
Anyone else like to wear dark sunglasses?36730Apr 14Apr 1510 hrs ago
Who owns the European Union?28926Apr 9Apr 158 hrs ago
Who is this actor?26224Apr 14Apr 14Apr 24
Does Howdy Doody Have Wooden Balls?14613Apr 11Apr 14Apr 23
Post Your Favorite Milk Man17315Apr 6Apr 14Apr 23
If there was a man1594Apr 6Apr 11Apr 23
How many CS women have flirted with a cop in front of their boyfriend?1814Apr 7Apr 1113 hrs ago
Does Jesus have a sense of humor?35824Apr 9Apr 117 hrs ago
Don’t Get Me Wrong.... Did Magicians bring you here?1265Apr 10Apr 10Apr 23
Electric Smokers30623Apr 5Apr 108 hrs ago
Eurovision 201941231Feb 23Apr 9Apr 23
Hash Bash 2019 ... 48th Annual in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA...540Apr 8Apr 8Apr 21
Los del Rio Macarena950Apr 7Apr 715 hrs ago
Where has everybody gone? The living daylights880Apr 6Apr 6Apr 22

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