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Leonard Cohen: Take this waltz

This iconic song of Leonard Cohen is a tribute to a Spanish poet: the lyrics are inspired by/loosely translated from "Pequeño vals Vienés" of Federico...

Jefke592780Sep 2018May 11

YES: Owner of a lonely heart

YES Album Symphonic Live applause:...

whitelily1190May 7May 7
Berry2U720May 3May 3

ZimuinG / Marasy: Inscrutable battle

Fusion Title song Inscrutable Battle (by Suhuru Matsutani) for tv show program " before after "(waku waku japan ) Played by duo piano : Z...

whitelily1260Apr 29Apr 29
HappyCampero76542Apr 17Apr 28Apr 30
HappyCampero76270Apr 23Apr 28

Various Artists Mixed By AcidJazz: Top Acid Jazz Soul Funk Dancefloor Tracks Music Non Stop

My perfect night with her? That music in background,a Fireplace,a Blanket 2 Glasses of Red Wine Brunello di Mont' Alcino... Best night ever with my...

HappyCampero76660Mar 25Apr 28
Kyu Sakamato: Sukiyaki Song

Kyu Sakamato: Sukiyaki Song

Kyu Sakamato is only Japanese singer who went number 1 In the USA...

Tohoku1953300Apr 27Apr 28

Joe Hisaishi & London symphonic Orchestra: Spirited Away

Joe Hisaishi Composer and Dirigent of Spirited Away # They Gone in silence In Memory of the 53 Marine heroes of my country who died in the KRI Nangga...

whitelily1500Apr 25Apr 26
HappyCampero76230Apr 24Apr 24

Serge Gainsbourg: La Javanaise

This is a 1965 song, was sing and write by Serge Gainsbourg I try to posting in the forum but it is failed to represent the right youtube show. Usi...

whitelily1682Apr 21Apr 24Apr 24

JustoFunk: The Ghetto

That's actually Acid Jazz...

HappyCampero76450Mar 9Apr 17

Chick Corea: Overjoyed

My Respect to Senhor Chick Corea This one of his last appearances .. RIP Chick...

whitelily1340Feb 14Apr 15
HappyCampero76630Feb 19Apr 15
HappyCampero76320Mar 25Apr 11

Stacey Kent: Tangerine

cool voice Tangerine # Only trust your heart...

whitelily12740Sep 2017Apr 10
whitelily11440Sep 2019Apr 10
whitelily11170Sep 2019Apr 10

Etta James: Damn your Eyes

Reff. Damn your eyes They're taking my breath away For making me wanna stay Damn your eyes For getting my hopes up high Making fall in love agai...

whitelily11330Feb 2020Apr 9

James Morrison: You give me something

Is this Soft rock or Soul music ? 'Cause you give me something That makes me scared, alright This could be nothing But I'm willing to giv...

whitelily1180Apr 7Apr 7
whitelily11050Apr 2020Apr 5

Dominic Miller: Last Dance

Last Dance from Jazz Album First touch D.Miller & SF Orchestra (Slovenian Philharmonic) Conductor : Rok Golob Song Compose & arranger by Dominic Mi...

whitelily1230Apr 3Apr 3
whitelily12611Nov 2018Apr 1Nov 2018

Jamiroquai: Where Do We Go from Here?

That song is Funk but ain't Funk option on categories so... I'll Paste Lyrics too... That's the...

HappyCampero76470Mar 21Mar 25

Will Young: Light My Fire

The Doors #Jim Morrison (1966) *I prefer Will Young version...

whitelily1190Mar 20Mar 20

David Gray: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Think this is a great song. Just close your eyes and listen....

FlashHood390Mar 12Mar 12

The Beatles: Hey Bulldog

The Beatles Hey Bulldog 1969 You can talk to me.. You can talk to me You can talk to me If you're lonely ,you can talk to me.....

whitelily1300Mar 8Mar 8
whitelily1592Mar 8Mar 8Mar 10

Paco de Lucia Al Di Meola John Mclaughlin: " :dunno: "

I don't know what is the song title But the 3 masters having their live jam session in Modena,it is fantastico!...

whitelily1360Feb 25Feb 25

John Coltrane: My one and only Love

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman My one and only love written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin in 1952...

whitelily1360Feb 25Feb 25
Matthew Dodd: I Who Have Nothing

Matthew Dodd: I Who Have Nothing

Matt Dodd has never sang professionally but blows away judges on Ireland's Got Talent. His powerful voice is amazing!...

lela3172820Feb 2019Feb 17
Ispyrios260Feb 11Feb 11
stat ata sad GUEST S: fa

???sta?t???? & ?at?a??? ?sa?????d?? - GUEST: ?????? ?S???????: ?f????µa

It's a sad fact...This site does not support world language.So sad.... GUEST: ?????? ?S??????? ???T?? ? ?O????? (?a?ad?s?a?? ???t??) ????S S???...

Ispyrios290Feb 11Feb 11
Mustangx1070Mar 2020Feb 8
Made Kuti: Free your mind

Made Kuti: Free your mind

It opens mind. Afrobeat music for voicesless....

fixidub250Feb 7Feb 7


Another very special tribute to Bob Marley by Playing For Change. Enjoy. Keep the Positive Vibes going!...

VintageBlue55500Jan 11Jan 25


The very best way to experience Playing For Change is to look at the videos. Another amazing tribute to Bob Marley by outstanding International Musici...

VintageBlue55470Jan 11Jan 25


PLAYING FOR CHANGE is an International group of Musicians dedicated to Peace, Racial Justice, Freedom, Love, Social Change, Equality... PLAYING FOR CH...

VintageBlue55761Jan 11Jan 25Jan 11


Back in the day, I thought this song was catchy. Now, I have a deeper connection to "Come And Get Your Love". The world needs joyful songs about love....

VintageBlue55640Jan 10Jan 25


Just one of many many awesome Bob Marley songs. I will post more soon. Bob Marley and the Wailers! Yeah!!!...

VintageBlue55600Jan 11Jan 25


Please forgive me, but I want to share this love song. But, love is about passing seasons, loss, memories of true love and wonderful shared moments......

VintageBlue55600Jan 21Jan 21

Rebecca Luker: Ave Maria (Aria)

Artist Rebecca Luker Album Aria 2 New Horizon From movie The Nun's story RIP Rebecca Lucker Died on December 23,2020...

whitelily1470Dec 18Jan 11

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