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The Black Eyed Peas Where Is The Love Music

The Black Eyed Peas: Where Is The Love?

Unfortunately, our reality...

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Stray Cats Built For Speed Music

Stray Cats: Built For Speed

Best Rockabilly album ever...

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Backstreet boys: No place

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Lacuna Coil Karmacode Music

Lacuna Coil: Karmacode

mmmm christina.. need i say more!!!!...

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Andrea Bocelli Dulce Pontes O Mare e Tu Music

Andrea Bocelli, Dulce Pontes: O Mare e Tu

I have not stopped listening to this song - expressive and sensual: video out of this world!...

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Eagles: The Best Of My Love

A beautiful and timeless classic from my favourite band of all time....

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Kodo Heartbeat Drummers of Japan Music

Kodo: Heartbeat Drummers of Japan

I love the japanese drummers playing the taiko and other drums. Fond memories of Summer festivals come up.....

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You cant hurry love Phil Collins Music

You can't hurry love: Phil Collins

In response to my Soul Train post.The Motown influence spawned the age of Blue eyed Soul with Phil,Mick Jagger, Hall and Oates or remixes of the origi...

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queens of the stone age like clockwork Music

queens of the stone age: like clockwork

thought these guys were okay, then a friend gave me this lp. i stand corrected, they are truly amazing- hope you like. p.s. sat by the ocean is my fav...

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Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Music

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

rock & roll muthaf***as!...

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10CC: The Worst Band In The World

Amazing British rock band spoofing on themselves -...

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Matt Otten Secret Combination Music

Matt Otten: Secret Combination

Track: The Only One...

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cover by maynard connor faded Music

cover by maynard connor: faded

faded -original version by alan en cover by maynard connor - just love this song so much no copy rights intended!...

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Marc Broussard Perfect To Me Music

Marc Broussard: Perfect To Me

Perfect to me.......

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Green Day American Idiot Music

Green Day: American Idiot

Another one for shaking the dust off .... Hard not to get involved, from letting your hair down to tapping your feet .... Great album...

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Peabo Bryson If ever Music

Peabo Bryson: If ever

A classic romance song...

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Jeremih Jermih Music

Jeremih: Jermih

:D i love this cd...

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Victor Huynh Eternity Music

Victor Huynh: Eternity

Para quem ama a tranquilidade.......

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Bobby Womack Across 110th Street Music

Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street

check my profile for more music i like...

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Dire Straits Making Movies Music

Dire Straits: Making Movies

"From Cullercoats and Whitley Bay"!...

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Shaun Groves Invitation to Eavesdrop Music

Shaun Groves: Invitation to Eavesdrop

I love this CD. I have burned through many copies of this CD. My favorite song is track 2 Damage Done. This song paints a beautiful picture of a fract...

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The Gaslight Anthem The 59 sound Music

The Gaslight Anthem: The '59 sound

Definitely one of my favorite bands, good rock n roll about every day life, give it a listen, simply amazing...

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pitt bull M I A M I Music

pitt bull: M.I.A.M.I

great song to dance too...

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Dido Life For Rent Music

Dido: Life For Rent

depends on my mood on this one...

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They d'ont make music like this anymore!!!...

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The Goodfellas Feat Lisa Millet Soul Heaven Pasta Boys Bini Martini Mix Music

The Goodfellas Feat Lisa Millet: Soul Heaven (Pasta Boys Bini & Martini Mix)

Bigggggggggggggggg freakingggggg? Tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn­ne!!!!!!!!!!...

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YES Close To The Edge Music

YES: Close To The Edge

I first heard this band and this particular album while tripping on Acid. In spike of the acid, this whole album is just fantastic. Aside from Deep...

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Ian Hughes Valse Parisienne Music

Ian Hughes: Valse Parisienne

Ian Hughes_Valse Parisienne...

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Three Dog Night The Devils Rejects Music

Three Dog Night: The Devil's Rejects

The best of the best...

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Nicola Conte Viagem Music

Nicola Conte: Viagem

Latin music my favourite too and I like most pcs on this CD....

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Michael Bubl Crazy Love Music

Michael Bublé: Crazy Love

Heart renching,hope for things to come!!!!!!!!!...

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Paddy And The Rats Join The Riot Music

Paddy And The Rats: Join The Riot

My favourite Hungarian band. This guys the Gods of Irish Punk so enjoy...

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nickelback dark horse Music

nickelback: dark horse

It really was a great album for them! :)...

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Beth Hart Forever Young Music

Beth Hart: Forever Young

Forever Young...

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galrads: "The Dead Don’t Die"(meet us in the forums)

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