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Jim Martinez: How Great thou Art

How Great Thou Art By Jim Martinez and friends...

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Liberace I Play Piano And Sing Volume Two Music

Liberace: I Play Piano And Sing (Volume Two)

My favorite song on this album Is the Impossible Dream...

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Bittersweet The Mating Game Music

Bittersweet: The Mating Game

This group is from the Los Angeles, California area but has a very distinct sound for an American band. They have a Euro-dance-electonica sound....

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stat ata sad GUEST S fa Music

???sta?t???? & ?at?a??? ?sa?????d?? - GUEST: ?????? ?S???????: ?f????µa

It's a sad fact...This site does not support world language.So sad.... GUEST: ?????? ?S??????? ???T?? ? ?O????? (?a?ad?s?a?? ???t??) ????S S???...

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Anggun Snow on the desert Music

Anggun: Snow on the desert

I want to be your lover, your partner life, your best friend, your supporter...madam...::...

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James Arthur Impossible Music

James Arthur: Impossible

James Arthur - impossible with lyrics - no copy right intended! just love the music and the lyrics...

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Shakira La Tortura Music

Shakira: La Tortura


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Ed Sheeran How Would You Feel Music

Ed Sheeran: How Would You Feel

Another beautiful song from Ed Sheeran...what a gift ......

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diego boneta Siempre tu Music

diego boneta: Siempre tu

I like the latin music....

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Antonio Carlos Jobim Sabi Music

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Sabià

One of the master pieces by Antonio Carlos Jobim....

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Beyonce Halo Music

Beyonce: Halo


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Pavarotti nessun dorma Music

Pavarotti: nessun dorma

people like Pavarotti do not get the attention they deserve. this is great music....

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Prince The Revolution Purple Rain Music

Prince & The Revolution: Purple Rain

one of the most poignant ballads ever composed...

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Phil Collins In the air tonight Music

Phil Collins: In the air tonight

Just an ALL-TIME favorite...

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Roger Waters Every Strangers Eyes Music

Roger Waters: Every Strangers Eyes

Roll a big one, always good, little bit dated now but, still ok.....

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J.J. Grey and Mofro: Circles

A message for both sexes......

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George Thorogood 30Years Of Rock Music

George Thorogood: 30Years Of Rock

I have loved this music for over 30 years....

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Tom Walker Fly Away With Me Music

Tom Walker: Fly Away With Me

Great tune vocals and video...

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Ludovico Eunadi Divenire Music

Ludovico Eunadi: Divenire

Magnificent !!! " Feeds the soul".......

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KT Tunstall Eye to the Telescope Music

KT Tunstall: Eye to the Telescope

Not much to say, great vocals!...

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Nightwish Imaginaerum Music

Nightwish: Imaginaerum

some of the most theatrical power metal ever made. Such a shame tarja left the band....

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sia alive Music

sia: alive

alive by sia is no intended for copyright! i dont own it! just love the music that's why i want to share it!...

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The Roop On fire Music

The Roop: On fire

Light crazy to up the mood :)...

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OJays Beautifull Ballads Music

O'Jays: Beautifull Ballads

This is a very Oldie's CD from O'Jays....

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Wildcat7 love is all over Music

Wildcat7: love is all over

kick a** song...

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lady gaga fame monster Music

lady gaga: fame monster

This is a awesome album/ep but, it was disapointing that there was only 8 songs so It would be better to have The Fame/Fame Monster Deluxe so you can...

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Nickelback Dark Horse Music

Nickelback: Dark Horse

i liked the whole cd every song is good...

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Led Zepplin: Thank You

Happy Anniversary to my man upstairs......

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Drake Drizzy Im Back Music

Drake Drizzy: Im Back


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LArpeggiata AllImprovviso Music

L''Arpeggiata: All'Improvviso

A combination of 16th and 17th century tunes and dances, played on period instruments of the Baroque ensemble (guitars, lute, strings, percussion)L'Ar...

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Uriah Heep Uriah Heep The Collection Music

Uriah Heep: Uriah Heep The Collection

This is Probably one of the best Albums from Uriah Heep it has got all of the Early Music from 1971 and Original Tracks and not the new Versions of mu...

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Mo Horizons Sunshine Today Music

Mo' Horizons: Sunshine Today

The songs on this CD are all really upbeat and "happy" sounding, and great to dance to. A great CD to wake up to in the morning.. will put you in a g...

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Various Artists Snatch Soundtrack Music

Various Artists: Snatch Soundtrack

tunessss ''Dreadlock Holiday......

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Kaori Kobayashi Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You Music

Kaori Kobayashi: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

...............................sweet tune.................

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Hillsong Hillsong United Music

Hillsong: Hillsong United

Has nice mix of songs and uses God's name Yahweh not just 'LORD'......

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Dave Grusin: Polina

"Polina" Album Migration...

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Eddie Money: Two Tickets To Paradise

RIP May you be in the ultimate paradise.......

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