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Depeche Mode 101 Music

Depeche Mode: 101

OMG - Read Redhair101's comments - totally caught the spirit that filled me all those years ago - and that 'this is THE band for me'!...

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Skillet Monster Music

Skillet: Monster


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awolnation megalithic symphony Music

awolnation: megalithic symphony

you tube anime for " sail" is very good and live performances...

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linkin park in the end Music

linkin park: in the end

a tribe to him sad Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's cause of death has been ruled a suicide by hanging, the Los Angeles County coroner's...

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michael jackson michael Music

michael jackson: michael

the music is very relaxing. it's a really good cd....

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Dj EC me Winter Memories Trance Mix Mix 1 Music

Dj EC (me): Winter Memories - Trance Mix - Mix 1

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Boy George & Culture Club: Let Somebody Love You

Great reggae song about the risk of loving...

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under the influence of giants mamas room Music

under the influence of giants: mama's room

lead singer is with awolnation now...

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Townes Van Zandt Snowin On Raton Music

Townes Van Zandt: Snowin' On Raton

I think Townes Van Zandt is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. Snowin' On Raton is my favorite TVZ song followed by Tecumseh Valley. I am tr...

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Volbeat Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies Music

Volbeat: Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies

Heavy Metal meets country and western. Volbeat are from Denmark and originally started out in the death metal scene. Like their previous releases OGSH...

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Merle Haggard Going where the lonely go Music

Merle Haggard: Going where the lonely go

Country kind of music...

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Tonight’s The Night: Rod Stewart

Tonight's The Night...gonna be alright...

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Mobb Deep The Infamous Music

Mobb Deep: The Infamous

classic...and Prodigy might not be what he was but hes still makin good music check out return of the mac, HNIC 2, and product of the 80's...

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Rhodes: What If Love

What if Love is a feeling to believe in ?...

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Lil Wayne The Carter III Music

Lil Wayne: The Carter III

Good Music :)...

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Genesis Duke Music

Genesis: Duke

'Duke' captures Genesis in transition from their progressive roots to the more pop-rock style they would persue throughout the 1980's....

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Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa Soul on Fire Music

Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa: Soul on Fire

Classic and sensual. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did....

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Marc Anthony: You Sang to Me

It's awesome song !...

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Nelson Freitas My Zouk Hits Music

Nelson Freitas: My Zouk Hits

The proper category for this would be Zouk...

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Brian Deady Non Fiction Music

Brian Deady: Non Fiction

Have a listen to the album. It's well worth it! Clap Both My Hands one of the best songs on it. Anyone who appreciates good music will enjoy this....

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Muse Origin of Symmetry Music

Muse: Origin of Symmetry

I love the vocals , lyrics && the music in general...

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Aerosmith Sweet Emotion Music

Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion

One of my all time Fave Rock bands...Met Steve Tyler coming out of an Elevator and nearly knocked him over...he is small that you could almost pick hi...

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Nine inch nails the downward spiral Music

Nine inch nails: the downward spiral

Absolutely instrumental in encouraging me to Become Who I Really Am, and a faithful travelling companion as the real cost of that process became painf...

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Casiopea: Looking Up

Casiopea, is the first Asian Jazz Group introduce Jazz with Digital music They are the best Fusion Jazz musician in 80s It is 35 years ago..but stil...

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Freddie Mercury Time Music

Freddie Mercury: Time

Can't stop loving his voice , just ... amazing !...

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Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks Music

Gogol Bordello: Gypsy Punks

I've only heard Start Wearing Purple by these guys. Hilarious video!! It's been a LONG while since i heard it, but obviously it has that Unique qualit...

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Mohamed Mounir Taam El Biyout Music

Mohamed Mounir: Taam El Biyout

All Album for Mounir ... He ar the Best in Arabic Songs...

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Third Realm Destiny Music

Third Realm: Destiny

Artist: Third Realm Destiny Album: Under the Black Light Released: 2007 I saw you in the darkness waiting for a sign How long have you...

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randy crawford secret combination Music

randy crawford: secret combination

what a beautiful song and you know who you are because you have the combination to my heart....

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Neil Young After The Gold Rush Music

Neil Young: After The Gold Rush

One of Neil's best albums. Plus my favorite song, "Don't Let it Bring You Down" is on it....

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Joe Dassin JOE DASSIN Lt indien Music

Joe Dassin JOE DASSIN: L'été indien

I grew up listening French songs when I was a spotty teenager. Joes Dassin may be one of my favourite singer....

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Sarah Blasko Overture The Underscore Music

Sarah Blasko: Overture & The Underscore

This is the first album released in 2005. If you have not heard Sarah this album is a must to listen to....

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mariah carey i want to know what love is Music

mariah carey: i want to know what love is

mariah carey i want to know what love is...

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Pink Family Portrait Music

Pink: Family Portrait

The title of the song speaks enough!...

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Billy Crawford Big City Music

Billy Crawford: Big City

Excellent Billy songs and wild and very talented. And he is Pinoy. YAY!...

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Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare Music

Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare

First album released after The Rev died, and it's another great album. I can listen to every A7X cd over and over again and never get sick of them....

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Foghat Fool for the City Music

Foghat: Fool for the City

Very great album...

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Philipsen: "Texans are mad!"(meet us in the blogs)

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