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seedling of life

from a seedling to a plant
from a kitten to a cat
life comes in all forms
to which has its own function

seems life comes in all forms
shapes and sizes to suit its enviroment
and to suits its needs to help them
hunt for food and keep themselves safe

how much life will be left within
one hundred years will we be lacking
life on earth or will it thrive
will it stand for the test of time

watching all forms of life grow
and to die can really make us open our eyes
to see what we are damaging to see what we could miss
are we to late to help or do we still have enough
time to save whats here to experiance
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (7)

you ask an interesting question scarwolve. the arrogance of mankind and his greed for self allow him to ignore the balances nature has created. I believe man is incapable of totally destroying life, our arrogance at our own destructive power allows us to think it. anyway my 2 cents. ;-) thanks.
I loved reading your poem and agree with goodguy. Nature is stronger than ushandshake
Sure, of course, man himself is the looser. You remind me once again of Gerard Manly Hopkins's "God's Grandure". Thanks for sharing this nice speculation.
no problem guys its just the senario we are in makes me wonder do we care that we are damageing our existence due to greed i believe we do it cause we think the effects will happen after our life time so they believe if dont bother me it doesnt matter
Agree scarwolve I have never seen so many people care about what happens to our earth and do their bit too, but I still believe nature just goes on in one form or another, of course better with help. Yes your poem makes one think handshake
lovely thoughtful poem, thank you brother, share a banana.
yes nature goes into new forms but with the damage it might cease to form into anything
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