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The oasis of love

Will we ever understand what love can do...........

I have walked in the desert of time for so long
Knew my day will come to find the one that will lead me to the oasis i need.
In all the time i spend the picure of him was so clear.
I had to find the one that i loved even before time had begun.

So it was on a summer day and the universe sent the one i love.
I saw his face and time stood still, in that moment it all became so clear.
He was here and love began.
I could feel my heart beat for the first time.

Our days were filled with love, joy and knowing we belong.
Like we were born to be as one for as long as time would go on.
Then one day the storm clouds came along.

She came back, the woman of his past to find him.
He opened the door for her and let her in.
They shatterd the dream that had just begun.
He was one with her again.

I found myself back in the desert again.
Would we find each other again ,could this pain ever pass.
Then the clouds disappered and the sun came out again.

He came back and i could feel my heart beat again.
We were back in our oasis of love.
Would he stay this time and believe it is real.
Would love be enough to make him heal.

Could you not see that this love is for real
Could you not feel this is true.
Stay Please stay so i can make you understand that love is for real.
We could be in our oasis till the end of time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (3)

A sad beautiful love poem. Welcome to our poets corner waiting for moreteddybear
I pray love is enough to help him heal, and that your oasis does last, until the end of time.

Your write is lovely. It's heartfelt, in every way.

Ty for sharing, and welcome flower
Don't despair. If he is your true soul mate, the other half of your soul, then the pain of separation will be too painful for him. Often they run away from the power of these feelings.
If he does not then this is not your soul mate, just powerful karma to be balanced as it is not mutual,
Welcome, CJsad flower
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