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Capturing the moments

Capturing the Moments

Like the lens of a camera, Use your eye
To capture the moments
as the day whizzes by

The sound of laughter of a beloved child
Or a bird singing
The call of the wild

A sunrise, painting the heavens,
ablaze across the sky
A bright orange glow, so beautiful, you sigh

The old lady crossing the street
Tottering unsteady upon her feet
As you stop to help her, she gives a smile so sweet

The sound of a new born baby
Its cries filling the room
To find itself in an unfamiliar place, outside its mothers womb

A butterfly emerging, wings unfurled
awakening from its chrysalis
It enters a brand new world

Your mothers voice, soothing in your ears
and the many times she comforts you
As you passed through those childhood years

A summers day, the harvest moon
The changing seasons
That all pass too soon

A warm embrace, someone holding you tight
The caress of a hand
And a warm kiss goodnight

Moments, magic moments
be them big or small
Open your eyes, see them,
and capture one and all!

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Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
Often, we are in such a rush...our days to busy to take time to see what is around us, people, I spent a quiet time, reflecting...and thought of moments...

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What a lovely poem!!!!cheering

A very warm and touching poem...thanks for sharing
thanks Ginger and Dementia for your comments wave
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