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Grain of sand

I am a grain of sand
On Universe's beach,
Washed by life's waves
Blowed by years wind.

I am a grain of sand
With thoughts and dreams,
In this huge Universe
I am a part of anything.

I am a grain of sand
Insignificant, so small,
Earth tourns continuosly
Whatever... I am here or not...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Thinking part of Universe..

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Comments (14)

compared to the universe we are small but we are not insignificant cause our creator has created this for us. that just show you how much God loves us he gave us the universe. wine love the write.
Thank you kickit..we are not insignificant indeed...I'm reffering to..comparing with the huge Universe..
Nice Keesy, and I'm with you on this one cheers bouquet
Thank you small we are isn't??hug
Love it keesy..The universe..Big stuff..cafetwoteddybear
The grain of sand is to the earth, as the earth is to the galaxy, as the galaxy is to the universe. Mind blowing! wine
Thank you Cafe..heart beating
Thank you free...your's also mine..we are a part of it..the Universe..heart beating
yea, I get that feeling sometimes - being as tiny and insignificant as a grain of sand - well put..thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Thank you is not that we are insignificant..but the way we feel in certain small..and everything happen on Eart and in Univers..without us being involved..hug
Lovely thoughtful write; Each grain is vital though, as part of the whole,
cjthumbs up
Yes...carol..we are so small but part of anything...

Thank you! hug heart beating
We are so small but so "everything" all at the same time.

Love this write; it's so thoughtful, humble, yet expansive.

Ty for this sharing keesy.

Thank're really beautiful..heart beating
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