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rain sunday very sad

dig up this grave for me my friend.
if only you seen what i seen.
rain sunday a little girl in a grave.
her daddy beat her into pieces today.
she only knew nothing else to say.
her daddy shot her his secret took to her grave.
but i knew the truth sick people should die in vain.
rain sunday a little girl died destined to heaven to stay.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011

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Comments (7)

Oh my goodness stillframe this was a heart stopper!!!!
yes and true very painful
Stillframe I used to think, what goes around comes back to haunt you but life has taught me some people just sail through life without retribution sad sad
right but we all know where he is going
very sad ...........
still, we all often wonder why bad things happen to good people, and not to "bad" seems that that question is unanswerable in this life, the best we can do is be a good people person. ;-|
right thanks my friends
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