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im trapped in a stillframe.
not just a home but a name.
never moving just standing still.
there's no touch how can i even feel.
there's only darkness nothing is real.
just me alone just standing still.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011

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Stillframe, in this corner you are never alone, you are your own destiny.hug
some of my friends who say there my friends and are not would disagree with you thanks anyway my friend
john...stirring poem...and well expressed.hug
thanks my friend
Hi, stillframe,
This is such a heartfelt write. No matter what power there is in a name, it is always ours to claim and from any potential trap be freed. Community can help to empower us - the more we give to it, the more it can return to us. But, in the end, it is our eyes alone that can see our true reality.
thanks my friends
Short, but straight to the point.

Good poem :)
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