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Dating Is a Business Meeting

By: Jay Hershorn

You've found a person that you like, you want to take them out,
But when it comes to dating, what the hell's it all about?
You think that it's all love and hearts with hugs and kisses too,
But then you realize that's all wrong, 'cause dating's hard to do.
So listen close I'll tell you why this dating game's a joke,
There's many things that make it tough for all us decent folk.
The problem with the dating scene is something quite unreal,
For people like to treat a date just like a business deal.
For men, it seems that dates are like a swift kick to the groin,
Because it feels like they must spend a lot of hard earned coin.
They have to take the woman out to dinner and a movie,
Men USED to take them out to dance, now wasn't that more groovy?
Afterward they take them out for drinks and some dessert,
It sometimes feels that this is too much money to exert.
But if you don't have credit cards or even liquid cash,
Some women throw their drinks on you which makes a messy splash.
That's not to say that women are the only culprits here,
'cause men will also act like pigs, WITHOUT a sip of beer.
I've seen some men give up a girl and really start to gripe,
And that's because she didn't have the perfect body type.
It's true that we don't always know what we are looking for,
But men are more concerned about a chance for them to score.
It's pretty much our looks now that determine who we are,
So if a man is not Brad Pitt he won't get very far.
A simple date is now complex, I think it's gone askew,
It's almost like you're meeting someone for an interview.
When on the date with he or she, and it is your first time,
You must present your "resume", which I'll sum up in this rhyme.
There's looks, money, social status, and body types as well,
But if these factors are not met, the date won't be so swell.
So try and try again you might, to make the love boat sail,
But if your "resume" still sucks, the date will sadly fail.
So if the risk of failing hard is really set quite high,
Then why the bloody hell do men and women even try?
I feel that dating is not fair in society today,
Couples are so quick to split ; they just refuse to stay.
But through the crap we must tread through, there is a little light,
For you could fall in love real quick with someone overnight.
So what I've learned from all of this is not to get upset,
I know there's a girl out there for me, just haven't met her yet.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this poem a few years ago and everyone that reads it seems to enjoy it so I decided to post it in the poetry forum on here as I am a new member. I am a writer and I write poems all the time. I hope you enjoy this one too :)

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Welcome to Poet's Corner. Very nicely written. Dating can be so much like a business deal and we can all be so shallow with what we look for at the start. I'm with you...there is still someone out there that will be just right and I just have to be patient until our path does cross. Thanks for sharing with us here on the corner. wave
Thanks cloudysky! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I love this poem!!!!!....thank you so much for keeping it real!!! And how unfortunetly it really is....welcome to pcapplause cheering crying frustrated dunno confused handshake peace heart wings
Thank you cherryreggae! That means a lot to me :)
I really enjoy your poems as well, keep them comin!
Here's a man who comes and is wiser than Ancient Bullman!
Welcome my friend and you really hit the Bull's eye! Ouch!! My eye ...
Been trying the dating game since Ancient times but still no luck with a face like mine ,forget the cash and hot bod too!
What an entrance with this poem .very brash and off handedly done .peace
I enjoyed this poem. And it is true in so many ways. Thanks for posting it
Warm welcome to CS-PC handshake and thanks for sharing this!

Great write, you've covered most if not all that we or most of us have done or not done and can relate to. I invested three years on this online dating...not that I dated that long...just on and off..and realized that it's precious time wasted.

But like you said: "But through the crap we must tread through, there is a little light, For you could fall in love real quick with someone overnight. So what I've learned from all of this is not to get upset, I know there's a girl out there for me, just haven't met her yet. ...we never know! cheers dancing
Wow, thanks for all the love everyone, and for the warm welcome. I do a lot of writing on the side so I will be posting poems regularly, especially during any major holidays! dancing
A TRUE poetthumbs up you are blessed!

I love to read and I do love poetry too, I find it very relaxing. And it 'feeds' our mind.....

Everytime I see someone that can put into words feelings I do note resist till I say it, because I find it amazing all persons that can write about feelings, specially a man!

It's sweet, tender way to express via poems what goes in one's heart! But put it out , not for all!

Congratulations hershorn applause .

and lovely poem wink


Fingers crossed to all that are here for REAL in search for that ONE batting thanks angel2
Hey there Latina_Flor!
Thanks so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me. I think we have all faced the trials of dating and have realized just how unbalanced the game is for different people. However, I have realized recently that most of us are too focused on asking for what we want instead of being thankful for what we already have. I have become more thankful as of late for the things that I have, and am not so depressed anymore that I am not in a relationship yet. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and everyone else on here that they will find someone soon :)
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