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Yankees challenge...answered

Genetically engineered
Desired and appreciated,
It's creation is fact,
Yet still it's debated,
The sight alone makes maidens hearts sing,
Nowhere in nature could you find such a thing,
Petals so lovely with color so true,
If I were a rose I would be so blue..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Just too cool...had fun with this ty yankee

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My dad has roses in his yard and has had them them for many years now. He used to have more at the old house. The japanese beetles like to eat the petals.sad flower
laugh loved this one a blue rosepeace
A blue rose, magical choice and quite unique.
Oh cool a blue rose - good thinking madtat! thumbs up
but what blue are you? blue as in the blues or just cool blue?

thumbs up purple heart
That sucks be callin orkin on em...
I think bee...ill always be both drinking
Thanks cloudsky science is magic to the uninitiated...
Love the Blue Rose

Ty sir steve
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Wow what beautiful wording wow bouquet
Yankee4youonline today! I was thinking more like an orchid while I was reading your's truly amazing how genetically altered these once most rarest and wonderful of all flowers have become...but when you threw blue rose out there at the end.....that threw me a curve.....seems like those do exist however I'm not sure if they do in nature or not??....but I mostly appreciate your great sense of humor here....great entry!!!
Nowhere in nature could you find such a thing,
Petals so lovely with color so true,
If I were a rose I would be so blue..

Lovely poem about the beautiful blue rose...Often forgotton. thumbs up purple heart

The music ends rather abruptly...The blue roses are awesome though.

Embedded image from another site
Ty Yankee..was reading an article the other day about Suntory ,a whiskey company,trying to make blue roses...
orientalkoruonline today!
The Blue Rose - the Holy Grail of Roses its been called. Apparently nature did not provide the blue pigment in roses so alternatives have been thought of to achieve it, genetically engineering it, staining method, spraying it too. I think the fact that it's unattainable lends to the mystery it holds. It remains a symbol of mystery, of being unattainable but on the one hand signifies hope and new beginnings. Awesome poem, you've managed to encapsulate so much about the flower (and I guess you) in just a few lines.bouquetthumbs up
Ty very much happy!
Nice odette ..Pam Tillis us one of my mothers fav artists...
Hi oriental..excellent breakdown.. my poem and me a
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