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Soulgoddess "Carpe Diem" - A challenge

C = Cause you can't turn back time
A = A day is living the present
R = Rawr everyday
P = Pretend you're the star
E = Even though they don't give you a part

D = Dream is the start
I = In time make it come true
E = Ease all that come in your way
M = Make them see what you can do and be
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
my take on soulgoddess challenge

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Comments (8)

wow another acrostic, I have tried to do for this theme but did not manage so I say well donepeace peace

I read yours last night and was spechless because it was so deep and provoking. This is nothing compare to your handshake
Great Acrostic Sarasvathy ..they are not that easy to do..well done & said

thanks for sharing wine bouquet
This was brave on your part to take up a challenge with another challenge.As was mentioned in the above comments Acrostics are quite a challenge to do but you've done it and still stuck within the scopes of the challenge,excellingwine M.M
Hi Lady, Poet, thank you for stopping and the compliment. I'm not native and since English in my second language, I did not expect much when I wrote. Glad that you both thought it's ok yay
heart wings heart wings heart wings
Thanks for sharing!
Take Care!
happy placeReading this again! Love it!
C A R P E__D I E M ...........S E I Z E__T H E__D A Y!
Hi Soul, thank you so much! You know what I just read this again today as I was looking for what I first wrote here, and it was this. Thank you for the inspiring challenge hug
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