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The cold world

Its a bitter, biting, blizzard that I have entered,
Lost and injured,
A wasp with no stinger,
A wounded animal surviving the winter,
Who's gonna remove this huge wooden splinter,
This stake that's been driven strait through my heart,
I'm undead, alive, alone in the dark,
I keep thinking back on memories,
Remembering how things used to be,
This sorrow seeps into my soul,
This game is so cold,
I feel centuries old,
With broken hearts and lost loves,
Is anyone right for any of us?,
Who do you trust?,
How do you endure?,
I see love as a sickness for which there's no cure...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
rewrite...a little from the past and a little from the here and now...

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Comments (8)

A very interesting take on love madtat,

It can indeed be heaven and hell depending on who's involved I guess. dunno

Great poem

thumbs up purple heart
Hi madtat29

I really liked your creation. I have not read your other poems but I'll do. I like your style no one of the word you used is in vain. The content is clear and real, because that is the world in which we live. I wonder how long ago you wrote this.

I'm new in this corner, just today I post my first one but I'm so happy to find so special and talented people like you.

I also think that love is a disease but if you've caught, don't worry. There is an antidote and although it is hard to get, this is really effective.

The love heal... with love hug heart wings

kisses and Blessingsangel
Unfortunately being in love can put us either in a bright warm world or like you said cold world. What an amazing way to describe love Madtat...thanks for sharingcheers
wave powerful opening line applause and amazing ending line :) amazing poem

Lorii drinking
Ty ladies..
Hello and nice to meet you ... welcome bb..I wrote this about ten yrs ago in a difficult time in my life...going through something similar recently kinda brought it back up and I added to it...ty for your kind words drinking
Hiya lorii..your an excellent poet yourself... drinking
Very nice write. Love can be so wonderful and then it can be so painful. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it and when I sit back and think about it, I know that it is. sad flower
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